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All the Stuff That’s Been on my Mind…

The menu for this post:

Starter- An Introduction, A Horrible Historical Announcement and Revisiting the Best Book Ever

Main Course- The Philosophical Bit (Nature Vs Nurture, A Note on Language and a Fishy Idea)

Dessert- Progress on My Novel and Some Monetary Research


An Introduction

Sorry for not updating. (Have I said that before?) Nothing came to mind. I guess I was just storing up ideas until BAM! This appeared. This post is just things I’ve been thinking about recently. I hope you enjoy it.

And PS. I watched The Hunger Games again, with Lauryn. It was just as good as the first time!

A Horrible Historical Announcement

Yes! Horrible Histories is BACK! IT’S BACK! Monday 9th April at 5pm, and I will NOT miss it. I am going to record it, obviously, and watch it! I have been waiting for this for a while, and I was even beginning to think they’d stopped making it, and that was a TERRIBLE thought. But they made more! I am so excited! I want to see more hilarious sketches, awesome costumes and Mat Baynton in guyliner… Well, not the last bit, but it would be quite funny.

I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it! I’m about to lose control and I think I like it! (Seriously!!)

Revisiting the Best Book Ever

My dad is reading The Eagle of the Ninth Chronicles, and I just looked at where he was, and he is just starting The Lantern Bearers. He’s in for something AWESOME. I flicked through to the bit about Rutupiae Light (probably a massive spelling mistake on the first word), and I read it, thinking ‘WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW THIS IS SO AMAZING!’ It’s that amazing, you can read a tiny bit of it and LOVE it. And I of course LOVED it. I really want to read it again now!

Main Course

The Philosophical Bit (Nature Vs Nurture, A Note on Language and a Fishy Idea)

Reading this, you can get the idea of the type of discussions we have at the dinner table.

So, I have no idea how we got onto this, but somehow we started talking about why weird people are everywhere, and how they can be so weird. So my dad was like ‘It could be born with them, or they get it from somewhere.’ Then I was thinking, ‘Which one is it then?!’ and he went on to say ‘This is like the nature vs nurture debate– essentialism vs existentialism.’ It’s weird, because I’d seen the word ‘existentialism’ before, and I was meaning to look it up, but now I know what it means! Here’s a lovely definition of both words.

Essentialism: the belief where you get all your traits from birth, so you’re just born with it.

Existentialism: the belief where you get all your traits from external sources, like the environment.

So, which is it? I think it’s both, but actually, more ‘nurture’ (existentialist kind of thing). If you’re, for example, a prodigy (like Mozart, who we were actually talking about), you must have SOME of your talents naturally. You can’t learn to be an amazing composer at like five years old without having talent. So there, it comes from birth. But it’s not like if you’re not born with it, you can’t get it.

Here’s another example: one kid living in a nice neighbourhood, and another living in a rough area. Which one’s more likely to be a rough person? Obviously the second one. The nice area kid hasn’t seen as much badness as the other kid, so it (not being sexist by using he/she!) wouldn’t really feel the need to be naughty, or even learn about what was considered bad. The bad area kid HAS seen all this bad stuff, and might copy it, and they aren’t born with the desire to, say, be a drug addict or something.

So, one thing led to another, and we found ourselves talking about language, like instances where kids have grown up without influence from other humans, and they don’t really have a language (but the potential to learn one). When you get to about puberty (oh, the awkward science lessons on THAT particular subject!), it becomes quite hard to learn a language. I don’t know why, but that’s another story. And even if you learn it and get really good, you won’t sound like a native speaker of it, because you’ve grown up for so long speaking a different one.

I read this in Horrible Histories, in either the Awesome Egyptians or the Groovy Greeks (or the Incredible Incas, Angry Aztecs, or some other one!): a guy got these newborn babies and put them away somewhere (NOT to die) to see if they would speak any language on their own, or they actually needed other people in order to learn to speak, because they copied from them. Obviously we know how we learn to speak, but it’s cool that even in the olden OLDEN days, people still had that interest. (It’s like the nature/nurture thing again!)

So I thought, learning a language is hard work. We need to have one whole language in the world! I know it’s been tried before, but that failed. I think someone should meld together every language to make something we all understand. And that person is ME! No, not me. Anyway, so I thought it would be too hard. We need something else. A Babel fish!! I think it’s in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but a Babel fish is a fish (?!) you put in your ear and you can automatically understand every language on earth. (I don’t know if it enables you to speak every language, but oh well) So I was thinking, HOW can I create something like this? I’m still working on it.


Progress on my Novel

My novel’s going well. I’ve typed it all up and wrote some more, so it’s about 12-13 pages. I want to write it right now!! Also, I was doing some research for it and suddenly this appeared…

 Some Monetary Research

I looked on this website and realised how complicated money was back then. And even recently, when people were landing ON THE MOON, we still had things like shillings and half pennies. I wondered how people couldn’t just go ‘OK, £1 is 100p.’ and get over it, but no! They had all this weird money business. (There’s a funny sketch in Horrible Histories about Tudor money. It’s so confusing and awesome!) So today, I thought that we needed to have some old money, or at least old names of old money. I was all for reintroducing the groat (because I’m part of the Groat Fan Club… of course), but I was wondering how much money it should be worth. And, did you know, we had the florin in 1344 (that year only), then we got it back in like 1849. How random. So I wanted to have the florin again, but I didn’t really know how much it would be worth. Then I thought that we should rename our money now (it works really well already) and just give it an Olde Worlde flavour. So we made up this (and I printed loads of copies and put them around the house):

1p= penny

2p= farthing (I forgot to put it on the sheets of paper, but now it’s here)

5p= shilling

10p= groat (go groats!!)

20p= crown

50p= florin (:D)

£1 coin= sovereign

£1 note= pound

£2= angel

£5 coin= guinea

£10= half ryal

£20= ryal

£50= rose ryal

All of those are real old names for money!

If you’re interested, go to this website for all the info.

Well, that’s all.

Your thinky blogger, Jaz


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