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The Hunger Games Review :D

Yesterday I went to see THG and I was SO IMPRESSED with how amazing it was. I knew it was going to be amazing, but it was really AMAZING. I really hoped they would stay true to the books, and they did, and I really hoped it wasn’t a letdown, and it WASN’T.

Obviously I’m a massive fan of the books already, so any adaptation of THG will be great in my eyes, but this one had that extra bit of ‘WOW!!’. They managed to get all the most important and best bits into 2 1/2 hours, which is hard, I guess, but they did it perfectly.

I know all readers of The Hunger Games have a completely different image of what Panem looks like in their heads, but from District 12 to the Arena, what was onscreen exactly matched my mental image. All the settings were perfect and really made Panem come alive, not just from the books. The Capitol had the perfect amount of luxury and a kind of evil, almost industrial (it is in the dystopian future after all) feel. The costumes for everyone were really good, and the citizens of the Capitol were crazy, interesting and sometimes freaky, when the scene cuts from District 12 or a poor place to the shining Capitol with all its riches. You really think how the rich are RICH and the poor are REALLY poor.

It’s a perfect set of actors too. When Jennifer Lawrence was first cast, I didn’t really see her as Katniss, but as time went on, she became her. If she’s in any other movie, I am probably going to think ‘Why is Katniss Everdeen in __________?!’ because she is totally Katniss. She has the perfect amount of softness and toughness. Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark was also a really good choice. I was never opposed to him playing Peeta, it was just Peeta was not one of my favourite characters– I am Team Gale all the way. All the other choices were really good, from my non-movie buff point of view. They all BECAME their characters. President Snow (Donald Sutherland) had the right amount of creepy and powerful. Seneca Crane’s beard was awesome!

There was one point in the movie when Snow says ‘What is your personal signature?’ or something, and I was like ‘THE BEARD! THE BEARD!’ but he didn’t say that.

Anyway, THG definitely got it right with the love triangle thing. They could have made it more important, to the annoyance of the HG-lovers-Twilight-haters. It had the PERFECT amount of love, action, death and pensivey kinda moments. There is obviously a lot of death.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, but ONE scene with a CERTAIN death (you’ll know if you’ve read the book) was VERY sad. In the movie, they added an extra scene in the District of the Tribute that died, after she (yes, she) had died, and that almost made me cry. The people weren’t just sad about the death, they were angry– angry at the cruelty of the Capitol and how they could even let this all go on, and angry at the merciless death of their Tribute. *three-fingered District 12 salute* It was sad, but the horrible thing about the Games is that you have to go on, there’s no time for grief or anything, or you’ll get killed. Thankfully Katniss took her revenge on the killer literally just as the Tribute was being killed. But this Tribute took it really well. First we get a shot of the killer with an arrow stuck in him, then we see the Tribute’s face, and she looks shocked but peaceful, then the camera goes down and we see the spear stuck in her. Then she falls and Katniss, you know, says goodbye.

On a lighter note, this movie is the BEST movie I have ever seen. I want to see it millions of times. I am going to invite everyone who wants to see it to come with me, because I will never get bored of it (and I missed the bit about the feast in the Cornucopia as I was in the toilet!). I will be the first to get it on DVD! I’m going to watch it forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever…

The Hunger Games gets 1,000,000/5 stars!


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