I Want the Urge to Write… and Other Stuff

Hey there. I have been wanting to write for a while, but I get the feeling that if I just sit down and force myself to write, whatever comes out of it will be not to my usual standard. I, of course, want everything that I write to be as good as it can be, so if I just go ‘OK, now write something, NOW!’ it will not be good. I mean, I have only really written when the urge comes (except in English lessons where they MAKE us write some rubbish about some rubbish), so I was thinking that I should wait for the urge, which will hopefully come when I’m at this writing course next weekend. But what if the urge never comes? What if the course is so uninspiring that I never get an urge? I have quite high hopes for the course, but still, I like to be inspired by things.

That kind of brings me to my next topic. I only really blog about stuff when things inspire me or interest me and nothing has been inspiring. It’s that writing thing again: if I just force myself to write about a random topic, it will be really boring. Anyway, so nothing AT ALL has been inspiring. I am not the type of person to be inspired by nature, so even though I went on a long run in the woods/forest yesterday, nothing jumped out at me as ‘inspiring’. It’s pretty sad.

Sad? Hmm. I just remembered, I was just checking on my blog and I saw a weird thing. There was a kind of ‘comment’, but it only had some of the words of my blog post in it. I was confused, so I put my cursor over the website address (and it shows you a preview of the website), and it looked fine. I clicked on it and there was an article about ‘the future of social networking’. (Sound familiar?) I scanned through the article and at the bottom there was a box saying ‘Read more’, so I rolled over it and there were a few links to other websites, and one of them said ‘My View on Social Networking’. YES, it was mine! I checked! That was pretty cool, and I saw a spike in viewers that day, so obviously that website was quite popular.

Well, that’s about it for this post. I hope it’s been interesting, considering I didn’t have much of an urge to write it. I want to get an urge to write, because I have an idea written down for a short story, and it can’t stay unwritten forever!

Your uninspired blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “I Want the Urge to Write… and Other Stuff

  1. Hi jasmine.

    This is the first of your poosts that I’ve read and it was quite interesting. Please say more about this website thing when you got a spike in viewers. It’s interesting. Please can you tell me how you got the ‘books I’ve read’ widget because I want it for my blog (jreandco.wordpress.com). I also have a website (jreandco.webs.com).

    • What more can I say about it? Well, when I found out there was the link on that other website, the amount of viewers that day went from about 8 to about 17, so obviously the website was popular and people clicked on my link.
      The ‘Books I’ve Read’ widget is easy to get. First, on the dashboard, in the first box, there is a sentence that says ______ theme with __ widgets. Click on the bit about widgets and it will take you to the widget area. Then keep looking down until you see the ‘Goodreads’ widget. Then you make an account on Goodreads (you only need an email and a password) and rate some of the books you’ve read (look at their tutorial/help) and then go back to WordPress and add your ID number, which is the number that appears when you go to something like ‘My Profile’ and the URL looks something like this: goodreads.com/user/[number] so write it into the box and click ‘Save’ and then you’re done!

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