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My View on Social Networking 3

This is hopefully going to be the final part of the saga. Here I will answer the final two questions.

So, is social networking a good idea? It depends on the person and on the social network. I think it can be good sometimes, but only for people who are old enough, have something interesting to say and who won’t post inappropriate things. It is a good idea if you have a friend you haven’t seen in a while and would like to contact for free (but again, there is email!). It’s not good, I think, for people who are too young, because they don’t know as much about internet safety as everyone else, and they may post/come across something really disturbing and that will stick with them forever in their mind.

When social networking first started, I bet it was much better, and not so much of a popularity contest. I think time corrupts things, or lets people corrupt things. I’m not saying social networking is CORRUPT and messed up, but it is probably now more about boasting about how many friends/likes/followers you have, not having proper discussions. I think Twitter, however, is less like this, because has only recently become really popular, so people are just using the features innocently and normally. But in time it may be different.

But for you, is social networking a good idea?

And now, finally, for the last question, one I’ve been dying to answer: what is the future of social networking? I think there are a lot of possible outcomes, but they’ll all eventually come to one conclusion. First, I think, there will be a huge battle and only ONE social network will come up on top, and they end up buying all the other ones, creating a super-social-network with all the features of the others all in one. I think, if they haven’t already, they will release video chat to get the face-to-face talking factor. Then maybe loads of people will join and it will be considered SERIOUSLY uncool not to have an account on the super-network.

There will probably be a lot of incidents involving young children and EVIL adults and the super-network will be threatened and close to getting shut down, but they will then add loads more security features and more customization features.

Eventually everyone’s profile will be like their own mini website, because they will add a blog option, a place to share your poems/stories/novels, and maybe an online store like Cafepress where you can make your own designs to go on your profile that others can buy, but most of the money goes to the super-network company, and they will also add an improved photo gallery with a better tagging service, where you can tag buildings as well as people. There could also be like an online drawing service too, like MS Paint, but on the super-network, so you can share your drawings too. Then I think they will keep improving this stuff to make it amazing.

Then they will add a ‘Premium’ option like a lot of websites have, where there is more space to put stuff on your profile and better features, and everyone will want to upgrade, so the super-network company will get very rich. Maybe they will add a ‘dislike’ button, as well as the ‘like’ button, like a lot of other websites do, and then people will get annoyed that others have disliked what they’ve posted, and there will be a battle to post the most interesting stuff. They will improve the look of their website and use new technologies to make the experience better.

Maybe they will use other electronic devices to promote their website, like when you take a photo on your camera/phone, there will be an option to post it to the super-network (I think they already have this on some phones).

Either the future of social networking is bright and will be like that, or there will be a much worse future for them: everyone loses interest because there is a new phone or something that is better than any social network and they’ll all go off it and the websites will be shut down.

Over to you: do you think the future of social networks will be like the first or second scenario? Or will it be completely different?

I hope you enjoyed my trilogy of social networking questions. Remember to comment!

My poor little arms… I had to type all of those three posts!

Your un-social networker, Jaz


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