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My View on Social Networking 2

Welcome back to the saga of social networking. Now I am going to answer some more questions that I mentioned in the previous post.

First, what is it with kids and social networking? OK, important note coming up… this is mostly about Facebook. I haven’t heard of any kid of the kind I am going to talk about having a Twitter account, or one for any other social network.

Yes, what is it with kids? I will try to not mention/single out any certain people I know (I won’t name names), but I think you’ll get the type of person I’m talking about. Those kids that try to be cool and try to grow up too fast. You have no idea how much I hate that kind of behaviour. They’re all like ‘Hey bbz, how are ya?’ with really short skirts and dyed hair. Look at this post for all the reasons why I don’t like the attitude of those kinds of people (who, strangely, are mostly 11 years old). And one thing they all seem to have is a Facebook account. It is literally the staple of their 11 y/o lives. And it REALLY annoys me every time someone mentions the word ‘Facebook’. Even in my class (not one person is 11, because we’re not Year 7s), loads of people talk about Facebook. I want to go up to them and say: ‘YOU SEE THESE PEOPLE EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, AND PROBABLY EVEN THE WEEKENDS. WHY DO YOU NEED TO TALK TO THEM ON FACEBOOK WHEN YOU HAVE PLENTY OF TIME IN SCHOOL TO TALK TO THEM?’ because it’s true. They seem to say ‘Oh, lol, I’ll c u on Facebook 2nite!’ I wrote it in that way to illustrate how they probably see the words appear in their head and how they probably talk on Facebook. That also annoys me. It’s not hard to write the actual words and use correct grammar. It looks lazy. How would you like it if, from now on, I only blogged using text-speak? Let me try for one paragraph as I carry on my answer about kids and Facebook.

lyk, these ppl arent even old enuf 2 go on fb! the min age is 13, theyre 11! what frends do they hv that they hvnt seen 4 a while? they hvnt experienced life much so they dont have frends from another country that they dont c, unless they moved when they wr rly young or smth. its against the fb rules 2 join when ur underage anyway. all they post is stupid pics of them doing smth stupid that no1 cares about. ltrly no1 cares about their status updates, bcoz they are only doing hw or smth. they r only kids anyway. srsly, its unecessary.

Wow, that was actually really hard. It’s difficult to get my point across when I’m writing like that, because it seems no one will take you seriously. But what I said up there is all true. Kids don’t need Facebook, they’re too young for it anyway, and they see their friends at school 5/7 days, and sometimes at the weekend, so there is so much time to actually TALK to people. I get that adults could connect with friends from their old, old school that they used to go to, and they can’t see them in person (but again, they can arrange to meet up if possible or use email, or even talk on the phone). Adults are different. But kids are supposed to make real friends, not just learn everything about their best friend’s life from Facebook. You need to see them and talk to them, otherwise Facebook will become their life from a young age. But do you think kids should have ANY social network? Feel free to comment.

And now… is social networking going to replace other forms of communication? This is a hard one. I think, as technology is improving rapidly, social networks will try to make their website absolutely amazing and take ideas from every other communication device to make a huge, all-in-one communication place. They have already got the idea of email: telling people what you are doing and basically whatever you like (this is like tweets on Twitter. They have already got the idea of photo sharing websites like Flickr (it could be for many social networks that have a photo sharing capability), which is self explanatory (it’s a PHOTO SHARING website). They have the idea of text: a quicker form of email (on, for example, Facebook, this would be a status update) just to say a really short thing. So if one social network takes all these ideas and more (Facebook is on its way), then maybe it will. I don’t think it will ever completely destroy all other forms of communication, because there really is no way for them to stop people seeing each other in person and talking. But I think more people are going to stop using other forms of communication and go to a social network because everyone else has. It’s kinda like peer pressure: all your friends have all these insider discussions on Facebook and they are always laughing about it, and you have no idea what they are talking about because you don’t have a Facebook account, so you feel like, to be popular, you have to create an account and become part of these discussions. Also, with the insider discussions thing: they are talking in person, yes, but they are still basically on Facebook because they are talking about it. They haven’t totally got out of their online bubble into the real world. But what do you think? Will social networking replace other forms of communication?

OK, this second one has been long, so I will do another post answering the final questions.

Your still unfinished blogger, Jaz


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