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Am I Missing Something About Adele? And a Bit About My Taste in Music…

Right now, I am listening to my FAVOURITE MUSIC OF ALL TIME, Florence + the Machine (Ceremonials) and I just finished reading an article on Dictionary.com about ‘why Adele’s music makes us cry’. Then I thought, “Am I the only one that does NOT get this from her music?” In fact, I am the only person I know who doesn’t like her music. I can’t go so far as to say “I HATE HER AND I HATE HER MUSIC”, because, well, 1) I don’t know her and 2) I don’t hate it. But I just don’t love it either.

Let me explain why (wow, I have written the words ‘me’ and ‘I’ a lot. This post is gonna be a lot about me, I can predict). I know she’s not a ‘normal’ popstar, like *some* people, who dance around in very revealing clothes and sing about love, going to the club and doing ‘stuff’ and similar topics. But Adele doesn’t do that or sing about that. I guess ‘Someone Like You’ was about love/loss. But the point I’m trying to make here is that she isn’t that kind of popstar. I do NOT like pop/kinda mainstream music (actually, I don’t like much music at all), so you could think that Adele’s unique voice would be really my kind of thing. But it’s not. I get that she is a great singer and definitely has talent (compared to most other singers out there), but her music is boring. Yes, boring.

It’s all a bit too slow and almost brooding, but not quite there yet. It wouldn’t make me cry, not ever. I guess I’m not the type of person to cry at things like that.

Or maybe I have very high expectations? Most people are like ‘OMG SHE IS THE BEST AND HER SONGS MAKE ME CRY, SHE IS SO INSPIRATIONAL AND AWESOME I LOVE YOU ADELE! xx’ so that makes me think she is absolutely amazing. But, even though I know what BAD music sounds like (listen to Radio 1 and you will understand), this is not very interesting. I like my music to be how you can just sit there, doing nothing else, just listening to the music, taking in the lyrics (which are about something deeper and more thought-provoking, eg Florence + the Machine) and admiring their skill with music (which I kind of think many people don’t have any more, it’s all AutoTune and synthesised). But with Adele I would easily get bored and go do something else.

Maybe it’s because I know what GOOD music sounds like. *cough cough* Florence + the Machine *cough cough* That music is too good for words (I think, if I lived on a desert island, I would take Ceremonials and, of course, The Eagle of the Ninth Chronicles. That would satisfy me greatly, if that was all I had for the rest of my life).

Anyway, so Florence’s music is just awesome. The lyrics are really unique and different, and when she sings about love, it is NOT in the normal sense. Not like Twilight-not-normalness (I mean, Bella is OBSESSED), but it’s not ‘Oh, you left me, I’m gonna go fall into a deep depression and sing about it’. The lyrics of her songs could just be written down and you could think it’s poetry; amazing poetry. Some of her songs have a kind of medieval feel. Shake It Out especially, with the lines ‘And it’s hard to dance/with a devil on your back/so shake him out’. Considering the first two lines of that extract are from the hymn ‘Lord of the Dance’ (which I ALWAYS associate with happy medieval villagers dancing with this godly/divine barefooted guy), it’s kinda old-fashioned. In fact, all her songs are a bit old-fashioned, kinda… goth. NOTgothgoth, but one song is about a ghost, and another about divining the future from animal entrails and ‘the heartlines on your hand’ (quoting from the songHeartlines). So it’s pretty alternative.

Yes, alternative definitely describes my taste in music. I kinda like rock music, it’s pretty cool and different. I’m so different 😀

So now I have strayed away from the path of why I don’t like Adele’s music, which was mentioned in the title. But there we go. This is my musical post. I hope you enjoyed it.

And what artists do you like? Say ANYONE, even like Bach or something. ANYONE that makes music counts. You know who I like. If you don’t, I will type it out here in capitals. Here it is.


Got it?

Your musically alternative blogger, Jaz


One comment on “Am I Missing Something About Adele? And a Bit About My Taste in Music…

  1. Gotta say I do like Adele, second album more than first. Also Florence and the Machine are great too. I shall listen to ceremonials more. I like Massive Attack, janelle monae plus lots of rap. Loads really…

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