With Regards to Writing, EVERYTHING is Great!

Sorry about the title, but I just had to get on and write the post!

Yes, everything is great. The first thing is, it is the birthday of Charles Dickens today, which is very fitting and coincidental, because I am reading A Tale of Two Cities (as I have already told you). It’s cool because I think that some kind of day to do with a great writer HAS to bring good things, right? It definitely did!

Let me start by explaining what happened yesterday. As I was having a shower, I had the most AMAZING idea EVER. (I usually think of my best ideas in the shower.) I had been thinking about how I can extend my ‘Tacita’ story for the Latin competition into a real novel. So far I had no luck and I ended up having ideas that completely changed the whole idea of a female gladiator fighting men. But yesterday I had the perfect idea, and I rushed to the computer to type up my ideas (I usually get more done at the computer). I wrote over a page of background, then about three more pages of the actual story, then I had to stop. That made me sad.

So today is Charles Dickens’ birthday, yes? I said good things would happen, yes? I said it did, yes? Basically, I told Eleni my ideas and she was like ‘Cool,’ and then I asked her what I could do next, and she had a GREAT starting idea and we brainstormed and developed the idea and eventually made up the storyline for the novel after the point I had stopped writing the plan. Thanks Eleni 🙂 For the ideas, I mean.

I had the FIERCE burn for writing all day, and I couldn’t wait to get home. After some piano practice, I got onto the computer and wrote the ideas. I just finished, and literally as soon as I had, I came and started blogging. The story is going to be absolutely EPIC, if I write it well. I hope the ideas live up to how amazing they seem right now.

So I scratched that metaphorical itch I had yesterday, and this is probably my biggest hunger for writing I’ve had recently. I am going to relax now, and not start writing the novel. I want to have a nice break and maybe I will start after the English course, after I have had some intense writing training and it will have improved my style. It’s going to be awesome.

So anyway, I am really excited about everything with regards to writing. That makes me think that writers are crazy, like I can be sometimes. Hehe.

Your fiery, writy, excited, happy blogger, Jaz


3 comments on “With Regards to Writing, EVERYTHING is Great!

  1. 1. Very good post 🙂
    3. I enjoyed making weird sounds when Iplayer wasn’t working 😀
    4. Do tell me about the ideas :))
    5. Where is the nearest forest to school? Xx
    Ren ❤ ❤ ❤
    PS.. Training score for today.. 10!!! 😀

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