An Itch I Just Can’t Scratch!

All today I have been itching to write, but what, I do not know. There is something burning within me, wanting to be unleashed in a storm of words! I want to write something, but I have no idea what I want to write. It’s not that I have writer’s block; that is when you can’t think of something to write, when you have to write something. I am not writing anything, and I’m not trying to think of something to write, because I don’t need to, so I’m not stressed that I can’t write anything. If I just sat down and wrote some ideas I probably would just go crazy with writing. I have words in my head, that could make sentences and everything, but I haven’t got anything to write.

Even this morning I really wanted to write. I think it was because I was reading for a while (reading A Tale of Two Cities) and the words and sentences were really great and inspiring. In English, we were writing (but not really creative writing, just some rubbish stuff about a book I don’t like), and I kind of went into my writing style, not the style we were supposed to be doing (we were meant to be writing as if we were someone else). It was a good feeling, to actually write, but it was annoying because I didn’t like what we were writing about.

Hmm. I really, REALLY want to write. But I don’t want to write some ideas right now. I want to relax… but still. If I think of something to write about, I will get right on it.

Actually, this blogging is a form of writing, so I am scratching this ‘itch’ a bit. That is good.

Your itchy writy blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “An Itch I Just Can’t Scratch!

  1. I totally understand the feeling! And I love Tale of Two Cities!!!!:) Dickens always makes me want to grab a pen and sit down to make sentences so good that they’re worth reading regardless of the topic:)

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