Creatively Writing

One day, my friend Eleni casually mentioned, after and English lesson, that it would be really cool to have a writing club. The teacher (the ‘YAY’ one) was like ‘Hey, that is a GREAT idea!’ and the next week, Eleni was taken to the Head of English to tell her about her ideas. She was away for most of the lesson! Then she said that the ‘Creative Writing Club’ would go ahead. That was really good news, because I wanted to do something about writing in school. It would definitely improve my skills and people would learn about my passion for writing. Eleni said that we would be making some kind of magazine (but no more details than that, sadly) and doing writing in groups, and hopefully just letting our imagination run wild and write whatever we like!

It’s been my mission to get loads of people to join, and so far a few (a lot) of people are going! It’s going to be really fun!! Eleni is the queen of great ideas.

Also, I got invited to an English course!!!!!!!!! (Overuse of exclamation marks there) I am definitely going. Two other people were invited, and one of them can’t go, but I don’t know about the other one. I don’t mind if I don’t know anyone, I can either make friends or just be solitary. I don’t mind how it goes. But it will improve my writing a lot, and I hope I will come back much better at writing.

I also need to email my story for the 100 words competition. I need to do it before the 31st!! I keep forgetting.

I still haven’t got the results from that Latin writing competition. I hope I win!

Anyway, so that was just a quick round-up of all my writing events.

Your writy blogger, Jaz


4 comments on “Creatively Writing

  1. Is this the course you were talking to the LB about in english? xx

  2. Well done Jaz. Enjoy the course.

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