Reading and Writing… Future…?

I was seriously stuck for a title. So sorry for not updating, but now this is my reading and writing future. I suppose it is like the present too, because it’s what I want to do now. But anyway.

I’ve been looking on Goodreads for some good books to read after I finish the mountain of books I got for Christmas. Right now, I really want to read something dystopian. It’s an interesting genre, but all the dystopian books now seem to have love as the main thing, like a disease or something really important. I’ve been trying to find something exciting and gripping, but so far without much luck. Authors seem to be crossing paranormal and dystopian together too, for example I saw this book set in a post-apocalyptic world where the vampires took over, and that’s pretty weird. I REALLY want to read a good dystopian novel. I mean, I still LOVE historical fiction, but I want to look at a new genre. But there’s nothing good!

That brings me to my next topic: writing. If there are no good dystopians out there, why don’t I write one? I think a lot of people are tired of the love-triangle-dystopian-too-good-to-be-true-super-elite-warrior-group kind of book/heroine. (Yes, I haven’t seen boys feature as a main character, only a love interest… or one of the many love interests) Some people want an action-packed dramatic adventure with little to no love, like The Hunger Games. There is a bit of love in that, but Katniss denies it at first, which is a change from the love at first sight scenario.

I need some ideas for writing. I was thinking of doing some kind of world where there’s a huge disease caused by our overuse of fuel and oil, and it’s poisoned the atmosphere, and nowhere outside is completely safe, because maybe humans have created some kind of creature (not a robot) to do work for them and they evolve to feed off the poisoned air and it mutates them into crazy evil things?! So everyone lives inside something which is safer than outside, but the mutant things could be like getting stronger and trying to KILL every single human! Maybe there could be some kind of rogue group of people who have adapted to live outside and they could have a big role in the story…? Ideas are flowing! And the main character could be some kind of soldier/defender of the ‘pure’ humans (the ones who live inside, away from the poisoned air) who has grown up believing that going outside without proper equipment will kill you, and she (SHE!! I can’t write about boys, they suck) has to go out and try to destroy these mutant things (it’s her job), but she meets these rogue people who could tell her something (that I haven’t thought of) and she could be torn and not know who to trust, and all that. Good idea? I know it needs more work and development.

If I could, I would start writing RIGHT THIS MINUTE! But I am busy. But I will do a post in a second.

Your dystopian blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “Reading and Writing… Future…?

  1. That’s amazing! There better be a character like me 😉 and i think that if you wrote that I would love to help with ideas… Dystopian<3
    HafrenEverdeen (what are you called on downWorld?)
    Ren xx

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