Books I’ve Been Reading: The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray is about an usually handsome young man called Dorian Gray (of course). He is having his portrait painted when he meets an interesting man who has very unique views about life and the world. He changes Dorian Gray mentally, and makes him believe that his youth and beauty is all that matters. So he wishes that he could stay like that forever, but he didn’t realise then that his wish would be granted.

OK, the first thing I will say about this book is that it’s AMAZING and thought-provoking. Some of the ideas in the book are really interesting and you think about what you are reading, instead of just observe the events in the story. Your ideas of eternal youth will be changed. It’s not all good! The main character changes a lot in the book. At the beginning, he is innocent, but as the story goes on, his personality changes. He gets more twisted inside. He is different, and it is because of his eternal youth. He never really likes it, and sometimes he hates it so much he just wants to die, or do something like that, but less drastic. He’s got a lot of… inner turmoil, and the whole story is quite dark, but nicely dark, the perfect amount of dark morbidness and death. Yes, there is death. Actually, Dorian Gray is kind of like an Aquila of a more modern time, so he was a great character in my eyes. Well, anyone who is like Aquila has to be great.

I recommend this book to anyone at all, and don’t get put off by the fact it’s an old book, the ideas are still true today. You could relate some of the things in the story to things that happen now. I give it… 11/10!

Your slightly dark (in a nice way) blogger, Jaz



4 comments on “Books I’ve Been Reading: The Picture of Dorian Gray

  1. Is this in the library? x
    HafrenEverdeen 🙂

  2. As this all classics, the tale of Dorian Grey is as applicable to today’s readers as to those when it was written. I, too, enjoyed this novel when I read it.

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