The Most Important Thing and Another Kind of Importance

I know the title is long.

Hey, it’s Friday 13th today! Oh… Has anything bad happened to you? As you can probably discerned (I hope I used it right, hence the italics) from my last post, my day was NOT bad at all! I had a flash of inspiration, and here I will nurture that flash into a spark and a fire… Random.

The first thing is inspired by the Wii game, Wii Party. There is a game where you have to answer questions in a way you think the appointed person would answer. So like ‘What’s your favourite food?’- the players have to guess which one the other person would say, out of the options there are. It’s a fun game 🙂 One of the questions was something like ‘Which of these do you value the most?’ or ‘Which is the most important to you?’ and the answers were (I think) ‘Happiness’, ‘Kindness’, ‘Freedom’ and something else. That got me thinking: which one is the most important? I thought happiness would be the best one at first because you can make anything happy, even if people aren’t being kind or you aren’t free, you still have your happiness that you can control. In a way, the others can’t be controlled when other people are involved. So I thought I’d do a poll. Hopefully you guys will answer it. (Btw, I added more options) It would be nice if you gave your reasons for choosing whichever one you did.

I just realised, some of those answers are part of the Olympic and Paralympic values, which is cool.

And now onto the second  kind of importance.

Which is more important: the beginning, the middle or the end of a story? I’m going to give arguments for all the sides and see which one is better in my opinion. You can also comment and say which is the most important.

The beginning is very important. It’s the bit that grabs the reader and pulls them in. For some people, it decides whether they read the book or not. It has to be exciting and interesting, and when the reader is fulled hooked into the story, they will just read the whole thing, even if it’s not as good as the beginning. It is the most important part of the story!

But the middle is also very important. After the beginning stops, you move onto a very crucial part of the story: the main events and evolution of the characters. This is where you see all the change happen in the story, and where you find out many things that the beginning may not have shown you. The middle of a story can be slow and dragging on, but when it’s done correctly, the book will make perfect sense and lead the reader further into the world, with a better understanding of the whole story.

The end is definitely important too. No story would be complete without it, right? That’s were everything is resolved and it’s all wrapped up. The ending of a book is the most emotional; it could make you laugh, cry or gasp with shock. This is where the cliffhangers and twists happen. When you finish a good book, the end always sticks in your mind for a long time. You may go ‘I can’t believe that happened at the end!’ or something similar. You usually remember the end of a book very well, and that’s because it is the most important part!

So overall, I think the beginning is the most important, for the reasons mentioned up there. Also, the beginning has to be good because I always have to finish a book when I start, and a good beginning will ensure I’m in for something really good, not with a feeling of ‘Oh, there’s so much boring writing left to read!’. But what do you think?

Your important blogger, Jaz


4 comments on “The Most Important Thing and Another Kind of Importance

  1. I chose freedom because it is the one thing I think I would want in most circumstances and I think freedom is very important in the world and everyone should be allowed it unless they’ve taken someone elses freedom. :)<3

  2. I think the beggining is the most important too… For instance, the HungerGames is the beggining and I think it is the best of the 3 in the trilogy, but the Mockingjay is also amazing and CatchingFire is really good too… But if the HungerGames was really bad I wouldn’t have come into school like ‘Oh My God I just read the best book ever’ and you wouldn’t have gone ‘I’ve got the next 2 books!’ And I would never have read them and I wouldn’t be wearing my beautiful Katniss Song t-shirt right now 🙂 long comment, sorry…… Ren<3

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