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I Feel Fresh

After one week and two days back at school, I feel really relaxed and good. It’s been an easy start back to school, which is perfect. Also, I feel quite fresh and invigorated, for some reason. Well, I can’t say it was just down to one thing, but we started something new in Latin and we did something easy (and new) in Science. There was something we did in Maths too but I have forgotten it. It’s a new year, and (although delayed) I feel fresh and new! Also, I found out that my English teacher (she doesn’t always teach us, just sometimes) read my blog! If she is reading this now… hi. This is a bit embarrassing. But anyway, that’s kind of a ‘new’ thing. It’s a weird feeling, and it’s cool. I had a flash of inspiration, so I’ll blog in a second.

Your fresh, inspired blogger, Jaz


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