A Strange (in a good way) Start to My Day!

Today, in assembly, our head teacher was saying how she was thinking of a list of things that make her happy. Then she said ‘And I think the most important thing is big and practically free…’ and I was thinking ‘Love, she’s going to say that! No!!! PLEASE DON’T!!!!!!’ but instead she said ‘It’s literature.’ and the first thing I thought was ‘Literature isn’t free’ but she went on to say something very much better.

‘A good book will make you think you know the characters, it will move you,’ etc. That is really true, I have to admit. After reading The Hunger Games, I feel like I know all the characters, their past, their personality, what they like and hate and who they love (and hate). I felt this feeling of ‘knowing’ even more after finishing The Eagle of the Ninth Chronicles. I felt like I was there with all the characters and I knew them REALLY well, and actually, I think Aquila and I would be good friends (if he existed and lived in my time). I also kinda think that Katniss and I would be friends too. We could go hunting together!

I thought I would share that little anecdote with you. So, time for some questions.

What’s your favourite book? Do you think you know the characters in that book? What, in fact, is the most important part of a book (the fact it moves you, the fact you know the characters, the writing style, the plot, etc.)?

Your literary blogger, Jaz


5 comments on “A Strange (in a good way) Start to My Day!

  1. My favourite book is the HungerGames. I feel as if I know the characters. It moved me. I’m in love with Gale<3 hehe Team Gale forever! Ren x

  2. I know the characters in the Harry Potter series like my own kids. But I am just getting to know the people in the pages of Game of Thrones.

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