An HG Idea

With only a few months until THG movie, things are getting more exciting! I was looking at some HG fansites and one particular one caught my attention: Hunger Games Lessons. This website is encouraging teachers to teach THG in schools! One post said the teacher’s class got to do a mini class Hunger Games, and that got me thinking… Well, it was kind of a delayed thought. I woke up this morning with an idea in my head. How about not just a class Hunger Games, but a whole school Hunger Games? I was lying there for ages, planning everything out. As soon as I got downstairs, I wrote all my ideas down. In case there are weirdos, I won’t show you my sheet of ideas, because it has a bit of personal information on it (my school, and people could easily search for it and stalk me!), but I will give you them in a personal info-free form:

  • First of all, people who want to enter do a quiz to determine what their District is (I could make this on Polldaddy, who also do quizzes and surveys… that’s where I made my ‘Great Jaz Says Survey’).
  • Then they fill out a form with their name, age (it would be like the real HG where your name is entered in according to your age, so at age 12 (but age 11 for some year 7s) it’s in once, at 13, twice, and so on), tribute name/arena name (what they want to be called on their ‘official’ stuff, so not Gertrudinia Larfonkeratynius plastered on everything… just Gertie or something!), District number and how many tesserae you want to sign up for, if any. The tesserae wouldn’t be real, cos no one wants grain.
  • Then you post your sign-up sheet in some kind of HG-themed box.
  • Before the reaping, there would be a cake sale, selling HG-themed cakes. It would say, on some kind of poster or something, ‘Claim your tesserae’ (but you wouldn’t need to have signed up or anything, it’s just to raise money… maybe for charity or towards things for our Games).
  • Then there’s the actual reaping.
  • Before the Games, the Tributes could make posters and stuff to try and make people bet on them. But not real money, of course… some kind of fake Panem money. But we (me and Ren, because we would be the Gamemakers!) wouldn’t do any of that, we’d make them do it themselves, so they can write the things they want to.
  • My sister had the great idea of interviews. She could interview the Tributes and we video it and put it on the school’s website for people to see, as well as info on all the Tributes, to help you place your bets on the right person.
  • I was also thinking we get t-shirts printed for the Tributes saying ‘Tribute’ on the front and ‘1st [school name] Hunger Games’ on the back. But that could be expensive.
  • Ren and I (I had to think about whether it was ‘me and Ren’ or ‘Ren and I’) would also write little messages and stick them around school as posters, saying things about the Games, like signing-up deadlines and other important things. At the top, they would say ‘A message from the Gamemakers’. It would be funny to write one of those to one of the Tributes’ parents. ‘Dear ___________, your child has been selected to participate in the 1st [school name] Hunger Games.’ That would, if they knew the story, freak them out.
  • The actual Games could be at Laser Quest or something. I also had the terrible idea of having those mini Laser tag things you can do wherever you like, but they’re £50 for two laser guns and armour, so £50 x 24 Tributes is A LOT. It would be more fun, and you could say that if you got hit once, you’re out, so it’s like ‘killing’ them, and we could have it in some kind of ‘arena’ (just a public park/field). But if we went to the actual facilities, it would be the person with the most points wins.
  • I was thinking the prize could be two tickets to THG movie!
  • Also, as all of this was going on, us Gamemakers could start and write on a blog about our school Games and maybe show it to the big fansites and they could do a feature on our Games! That’s thinking big, but HG Superfans have to think big and acheive big.

So all this would be really hard to do, there’d be a LOT of preparation and A LOOOOOOOOOOOT of time spent, but it would be so much fun to do and to watch. First Ren and I would have to ask the head teacher of our school and present our wild ideas. I don’t know how much confidence I have in our idea being put into action with permission, of course. If we can’t do it in school, we could just do it somewhere else, but with people from school. But I don’t know.

Like my ideas?

Your ambitious blogger, Jaz



7 comments on “An HG Idea

  1. And I would be TOTALLY freaked if I got a letter saying ‘Your daughter has been elected for the 1st [school name] HungerGames’ ;D

  2. Maybe…. We could get Taryn and Izzy and the other people we know who liked the books or anyone else to do it 🙂

  3. Sounds good. I think I need to read this Hunger Games business. But I reckon I’ll probably just wait until the movie comes out as I’m too lazy! x

  4. Sounds brilliant, even though I have no idea at all what Hunger Games are !!!

    Really impressed that you know that “Ren and I do something”, not “Me and Ren”. I can see that you know that “Me” can’t do anything. Easy rule – whenever something like that arises, just remove the other person from the sentence and see what sense is left. For example, “That person hit Ren and me” is right and “That person hit Ren and I” is wrong, because you couldn’t say “That person hit I”.

    • You don’t know what the Hunger Games are?! You should familiarize yourself, they are totally amazing books.

      Thank you for the advice about that little bit of annoying grammar (everyone does seem to get it wrong)!

      And thank you for the comment!

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