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I just had an idea for that 100 words writing competition. It would be a bit like Ripple, with someone underwater, but with differences. There would be no magical stuff or anything, just this person… drowning? I know that kind of sounds morbid, but the person would have been having a hard life, and their ship was on fire and sinking or something, so they want to, to end all of their pain. So they enjoy it. Also, I thought this would add to the weirdness of it: I would describe the ocean as if it was alive, and call it ‘she’ rather than ‘it’, so people could think that the thing I’m describing is real, like a mermaid or something, or get that it’s just the ocean. Good ideas?

Your inspired blogger, Jaz


One comment on “Idea!!

  1. Sounds good! 100 words is nothing! I’d find that really hard :/<3

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