Oh, and By the Way…

Another quick post for today:

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! To be honest, I don’t see what the huge thing is about New Year’s, but there we go. If humans had not invented a way of recording and numbering time, then we would not know what ‘January 1’ was. It would be another day. But then again… we would not have ‘days’; we would just be living life.

Second, I really believe that reading The Eagle of the Ninth Chronicles has softened me up. That, in my mind, I don’t really like, but I guess I should embrace my new softness. I mean, I’m not totally emotional and soft, but less hard. My tough mask has come off. I guess I was always like this inside, but, like a Creme Egg, the outside was hard and the inside soft. Wow. These words are weird. I never say this kind of soft stuff… πŸ˜€

Also, don’t you think The Hunger Games (the Games themselves, not the books) have many similarities with the Roman arena, where they had gladiatorial fights?! I mean, there are people fighting to the death, but, unlike the HG, the gladiators can receive the ‘missio’, which means they don’t get to be killed by their opponent, they go free. But in the HG, you just kill or be killed. But some fights ended like that in the Roman arena! You see how similar it is?

Sorry for this short and random post.

Your random blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “Oh, and By the Way…

  1. Jaz πŸ™‚ I think the HungerGames are like real life in many, many ways which is weird and cool at the same time πŸ™‚ Ren<3

    • Yeah, except teenagers don’t have to kill each other for sport. It’s like real life, but more intense. I can’t wait to see you in school in a couple of days btw πŸ˜›

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