How Could You Do This To Books?

There is something I just don’t understand. No, make that two things.

The first thing is, WHY do people hate some books with such a passion? I don’t like some books, but I don’t want to burn them or throw them at the author. For example, I read the Twilight books and I didn’t like them at all. It’s just because I don’t like ‘passionate’ romance, ferocious wolves and shirtless sparkling vampires. It isn’t my genre. But I didn’t want to kill the author for having such a stupid idea for a book. Yes, they were boring, but still… People don’t need to exaggerate their hatred.

Actually, the Twilight books were probably the last books I read and didn’t enjoy. From then on, I LOVED every single book I read. Think of this: I read the Twilight books MANY years ago, before the movies came out. I just don’t understand how people can hate books so much.

My dad just said this:

“How did they bother finishing it if they hated it so much?”

…Which is totally true. I have a feeling they didn’t hate it as much as they make out they did, because they did, as he said, bother to finish it.

But some reviews say things like ‘I got up to page 2 and I gave up because it was so bad.’ but HOW can you judge a book just from reading two pages? The first two pages could just be background and the next could be amazing writing, but they wouldn’t know that because they think that just because the first two pages are boring, they know EVERYTHING about the rest of the book and decide there and then that it’s not worth reading. They could be missing out on something epic!

The second thing is this: HOW can people give up on a book in the middle of it? It could be because they hated it (see above), but still, they should finish it to see what happens and if it gets any better. I’m the type of person who HAS to finish a book, or a series, once I start. Even if I don’t like it (as with the Twilight books), I have to see how it ends. You never know, there could be something mind-blowing on the last page. People give up on things too easily. I was getting more bored with Twilight, but I had the first three (as a birthday present) and I had to finish (not just because they were a present) them to get the answers to the questions the book poses. Like ‘Does Bella choose Edward or Jacob?’ But with that, I didn’t care. Still… I like to feel complete.

I have only given up on like two books in my life. The first one because it was WAY too advanced and I didn’t understand the words, which made it completely confusing for me (I was like 7 at the time) and the second one because it was the second in a series and I couldn’t get the first one (it was a kinda boring book anyway, and I gave up reading it for ages, and when I got back to it, I had no idea what was going on). So you see?

Well, what do you think? Do you hate some books with a passion? Do you give up on books easily? Do you love every book you read and have to finish? Questions…!

Your shocked and readingy blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “How Could You Do This To Books?

  1. Heyyaaa it’s Hafren 🙂 I think you are TOTALLY right!! I’ve given up on books only because they are overdue in the libuary or I lost the book ;D I LOVE THE HUNGERGAMES SO MUCH!!!!<3
    Plus, if someone hates a book why don't sell it on ebay and get money from something they hate!!!!!!! Beats me..? Xx<3

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