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Something New I Will Do

Usually, with me, I start some kind of project (either on my own or with someone) and it never gets finished. I start it, get a tiny bit done, and it just fades away. But this time, I am GOING to do something and it will be amazing! (If it doesn’t get done, I will be annoyed with myself.)

Since, as you know, I am IN LOVE with The Eagle of the Ninth Chronicles, I want to make some kind of poster/collage thing. Basically, I will write/draw things from the books and stick them onto this huge piece of paper and stick it in my room, to show my love for the books. At the moment, I have ugly Doctor Who posters on the wall, and I don’t even like that show. So I really want to change it. I think it will be awesome when it’s done.

But first I need to find a big piece of paper…

Your creative Roman blogger, Jaz


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