Books I’ve Been Reading: The Eagle of the Ninth

I just finished reading the amazing Eagle of the Ninth and I just had to blog about it right now.

This awesome book is about a Roman soldier who goes in search of the Eagle of his father’s legion. He is at first in the Army but something happens and he leaves. He meets lots of people on the way and begins going north to search, with his friend Esca. I won’t tell you if he finds it and what happens; you will have to read it!

There are no words that can fittingly (have I used that word right?) describe this book. It is a great historical adventure with plenty of everything. You really get into the misty world of Roman Britain and you can imagine every single detail. The characters are all really good, with no stereotypes. Their personalities are all different and interesting. The way it was written was just too amazing. It was well described and the plot was totally absorbing and believable. The main character Marcus is not the perfect hero and Esca is not the perfect sidekick but they work together and it is great. One scene is so amazing I can’t tell you. It really had the feeling of a satisfying ending and the last chapter wraps everything up more than perfectly. This book deserves to be a classic (it’s already 50 years old) and read by every single person in this world. I give it… INFINITY/10!

I have already started reading the next book, The Silver Branch, and it is so far just as good.

By the way, it’s SEVEN days until Christmas, and I am going to be posting something special every day. Obviously something about Christmas, starting today.

Your awestruck Roman blogger, Jaz


4 comments on “Books I’ve Been Reading: The Eagle of the Ninth

  1. Glad to hear of another person discovering Rosemary Sutcliff! She really is wonderful, and The Eagle of the Ninth is one of her best. After The Silver Branch is The Lantern Bearers, my favorite non-fantasy novel of all time.

    I really like how thoughtful and sensitive Marcus is. While he believes in Rome’s empire, he doesn’t believe in being cruel to people, and he really wants to understand Esca and the native British cultures. It’s worth noting how he masters a number of Celtic dialects and goes out of his way to treat everyone he meets with respect, even those of the Seal People who had a hand in his father’s death. Or remember the scene with Guern: Marcus doesn’t confront him until after they’ve left Guern’s hut and family, so as not to embarrass anyone or take advantage of a man’s vulnerability around his family.

    I hope you enjoy everything else of Sutcliff’s that you read!

  2. Fittingly is the right word Jaz. You’re an avid reader as well as a prodigious writer !

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