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7 Days til Christmas: Today’s Topic is Snowmen

Hi! From now until Christmas Eve I will be writing about a different topic related to Christmas. Today the topic is SNOWMEN!

You all know what a snowman looks like, right? If you don’t, then where have you been all your life? I drew a very beautiful picture to brighten up this post…

Anyway, so snowmen as I (and most people) know it have three balls of snow. But in East Asia, they only have two. In Japan they are called ‘yuki daruma’ after the daruma doll, which is a small round doll representing the founder of Zen Buddhism (a person called Bodhidharma). This is pretty weird to me because he had nothing to do with Christmas and snowmen.

No one really knows when snowmen were first made. The author of The History of the Snowman (I have no idea how you could write a book about snowmen), Bob Eckstein, suggested that they have been around since medieval times. His proof is a drawing from a book called ‘Book of Hours’, written in 1380. He found this in the National Library of the Netherlands (koninklijke bibliotheek… Wow, that’s a confusing phrase) in, well, the Netherlands of course.

The world’s biggest snowman is 37.21m tall and is called ‘Olympia Snow’, made in 2008, in Bethel, Maine. The previous record was set in the same place in 1999. If the biggest snowman was made in 2008, and it’s 2011 now, it must have melted… How big would the puddle of water be where it once was? Big.

I’ve seen a picture of this snowman, and it isn’t made of three HUGE balls of snow, it’s just one big mound with a giant face.

You can even get a little picture of a snowman with Unicode (the character set that contains ALL the characters) using the code U+2603. Here it is (btw, I have no idea how to get the actual thing to come up so I copied and pasted this): ☃ Oh gosh, it’s tiny. Oh well.

Thank you for reading and I hope you learned something. Credits to Wikipedia for providing this information. Credits to my sister for coming up with this idea of the countdown thing. Credits to me for writing this post (NOT copying from Wikipedia, using my own words).

Your snowgirl, Jaz

My amazing drawing of a snowman!


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