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I really want to make some kind of feedback form or something, so I get to know what you readers like to read about. I don’t know if you can make a proper nice-looking one (like the poll I did). This reminds me of my Webs days… I did so many contests and forms and stuff and I REALLY wanted hundreds of people to do them, but I aimed too high and my dreams were crushed. But I think my blog is much more popular. If you did see my website when it was running, why do you think this blog is more popular than it? I did almost the same kind of thing, but my blog has overall received over 700 views, just in the few months it has been running! I mean, I prefer my blog to my website. Is that the reason? Maybe I enjoy it more, so I write on it more, so people get more from me, so they look and that means more views! Or maybe it’s because I write more… interesting, quality stuff. The content in my blog is better. Hmm. Is it?

So I tried to include a poll/form/quiz for you. Pleeeeeeeeeeease do it! Even if I get like five replies, I would be happy.

Your poll-creating blogger, Jaz


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