Spam Attack!

Wow. I just got 11 spam comments. At first I thought, ‘Oh cool. They love my blog!’ but even though they said they were from different people, I saw the email address was the same and they were written at exactly the same time, and some of the comments were exactly the same! I deleted them all. This just shows how you are in danger if you go on the internet!

This makes me think of some other topic. In school, quite a while ago, we did a class on internet safety. The person said that if you put a tiny bit of information online, a clever person can track you down.

For example, here is an ‘About me’ on a made up person (who is not like me at all):

“Hi, my name is Doris and I live in Fridgeland. I am 16 years old and I love dancing. I attend dance classes every week and I am Grade 6. I go with my friend Billie and we dance together. I also love pottery and abstract art. I live near the South Fridgeland Art Gallery and I work there every Saturday. Thanks!”

So we know a LOT of information about Doris (sorry about the stupid name) just from that small passage. If anyone wanted to get her, they could either search for dance classes in South Fridgeland (only in SOUTH Fridgeland as we know she lives near the South Fridgeland Art Gallery, so obviously she lives in the south) and ask them if someone called Doris goes there, or search for her friend Billie on Facebook etc. and contact her to get information or you could go to the South Fridgeland Art Gallery on Saturday. See how easy it is? Scary…

Your spam attacked blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “Spam Attack!

  1. Oops Jaz

    You’ve upset me now, saying my name’s rubbish !

    Your loving Great Aunt Doris
    (aka GraGra)

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