Books I’ve Been Reading: Too Many!

This post is going to be a HUGE recap of all the books I’ve been reading since the last update with ‘The Nostradamus Prophecy’. These aren’t in any particular order.


In this world, there are five factions: Erudite (intelligent), Candor (honest), Amity (friendly), Dauntless (brave/fearless) and Abnegation (selfless). When you are 16, you have to complete an aptitude test which will determine which faction you should be in. Even then, you may choose to switch to a different faction, but if you swap from your original one, you have to say goodbye to your friends and family forever. Beatrice is part of Abnegation, and when she does the aptitude test, she gets a surprising result that she cannot tell anyone. When she gets to choose a faction, she chooses *error*. I’m not revealing anything! Her life is hard and soon she finds out about a plan that threatens everyone she loves.

This book is an amazing sci-fi, dystopian adventure. There is everything in it, so it will appeal to everyone. There’s action, adventure, a bit of mystery and even a bit of romance. There are many shocking twists that I didn’t see coming at all but they really make the story so much better. The cover is amazing too! It goes at such a fast pace, you can’t stop reading it! I would recommend this to anyone that likes action and sci-fi stories that aren’t filled with stupid aliens and geeky technology. I give it… 10/10!


In a strange fantasy world, a girl called Poison has had her sister taken by an evil Phaerie Lord. She has to go on a crazy and exciting quest to find her and on the way she meets many weird characters who could be evil or good. She also finds some really weird things and there is a big twist.

This is a fun and interesting book in an interesting world. The characters are weird but lovable (except the evil ones) and they are really memorable. The twist is BRILLIANT and I didn’t see it coming. The main character, Poison, is good and not a stereotype. There are no stereotypes in the book and even the evil person has a unique personality. This is perfect for when you want to escape to a different world and get totally lost in it. I give it… 9/10!


In a house called Century, two girls do the same thing every day. It is forever shrouded in darkness, always in winter. Mercy and Charity (the two girls) do not question their life. Then Mercy meets a mysterious man called Claudius, and she finds out something she never expected. Her father tells her not to believe him, and Mercy has no idea what to do. She wants to find the truth, but she does not know how to do it without putting her family in danger or breaking them apart.

The blurb says ‘a haunting and atmospheric debut’ and it DEFINITELY IS. The descriptions are perfect, and you can see in your mind the winter, the snow and the darkness. It is quite a supernatural story, but without all the vampires and fallen angels. There is no romance, except between Mercy’s parents, and it fits well. The description of the winter party is too good to be described in words! You just have to read this book. It’s short, which could make you think that it’s a kids’ book, but it is suitable for anyone! I give it… 100,000/10!


By the author of Century, this book takes on a different time and place. Elizabeth finds a strange green creature in the woods, and she soon finds out it is a girl, who was living in 13th century England. The girl’s mother was accused of being a witch. Elizabeth soon makes friends with her, but she is a Catholic living in Protestant England (in 1586) and is hiding a Catholic priest in her house. Elizabeth has no idea if she can keep the girl safe while trying to keep herself safe. She tries to find out more about the girl, and is surprised to know what she has been through. They soon become close friends, but Elizabeth is getting into more and more danger with a priest-hunter coming to the town.

This book is totally different to Century. Century was a wintry 19th century world, and Heretic is in Tudor England, with many descriptions of warm fires and green forests. It has the same beautiful writing style, but is not so similar it becomes boring. It has a really good storyline, with religion thrown into it, which makes it a believable world. You are really sucked into the story. It is interesting how there is a painting on the wall of the church, which people think is an angel, but with our knowledge we understand who it is. This book is amazing, and I recommend it to anyone who likes historical books with a supernatural twist. The ending of the book is also great, as it is the same kind of thing as in the beginning of the book, but with a different girl and an anonymous person. You can work out who the anonymous person is if you think carefully and take in small details throughout the book. I give it… 10/10!

Now I am reading the amazing Eagle of the Ninth Chronicles, which is so far epic.

Your super-reading blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “Books I’ve Been Reading: Too Many!

  1. No such thing as too many books!!

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