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Write for Rights!

In my school, we had an assembly on Amnesty International and how they write letters to people and to governments to free them from stuff, like being in prison.

We were going to be writing letters to a boy who said he didn’t like his country on Facebook and was arrested. They claimed to have found drugs on him, but I think they planted them so they had a good reason for the arrest. We were also going to write letters to the president of the country as well, to hopefully get him released. It had worked before, for different people. I think it is called ‘Write for Rights’.

I think the people that get imprisoned are called ‘prisoner of conscience’.

At first I didn’t think I would bother to do it, but when they had the stall with paper and stuff, my friend Eleni really wanted to do one, so she took me along and I decided I should. At first, I wrote a letter to the president, and after I had lunch, I wrote a letter to the boy himself. During lunch, I was telling everyone to write a letter as it only took two minutes. Seriously. It took me two minutes to write it and put it in the envelope. I was making everyone do it! I managed to persuade someone and a few others, which is good.

When I actually finished the letter, it was like an amazing feeling, like you’re actually doing something to help someone else. It was totally awesome.

Tomorrow is Human Rights Day (I think) and that it the day you should write a letter, but we wouldn’t be in school on that day as it is a Saturday! But anyway, has this inspired you to ‘Write for Rights’? I hope it has, because it could actually help someone.

Your letter writy blogger, Jaz


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