Hungry for the Hunger Games… Again.

In the humble beginnings of the blog, I was talking about the Hunger Games movie. Me and one of my many friends are going to see it and it is going to be AWESOME! We have been looking on Amazon and eBay to find merchandise like the mockingjay pin and this AMAZING t shirt that has the lyrics to one of the amazing Hunger Games songs on it and also a picture of the mockingjay. I’m not going to add a link for the first one in case any of you bid on it… Don’t! We have been talking about it ALL the time, even in lessons and stuff.

She was on Team Peeta, and I was like “NO! Peeta is forcing their relationship! He is selfish and just rushes into things. He needs to let Katniss’ feelings develop so she truly loves him back. Team Gale forever!” Yes, I am on Team Gale. He is the best. He is like her childhood friend and in the first book it says something like ‘He is the only person I can be myself around’ so obviously he is the best choice. Anyway, he loves Katniss (OF COURSE!) and doesn’t show it or force it onto her, like a certain Peeta Mellark. He is just generally awesome. But in the last book, she just… Actually, I won’t reveal any spoilers for those who are CRAZY enough not to have read it.

I am SO excited about the movie!

Your hungry and Team Galey blogger, Jaz


4 comments on “Hungry for the Hunger Games… Again.

  1. I have at least 8 hours at night to spare 🙂 and Ren is my tribute name ;D

  2. I’ve changed my mind since reading MockingJay 14 (yes I’ve read it another 2 times ;D) times because Gale obviously loves her unconditionally even though she can be a big poo sometimes AND he’s really hot in the movie when he’s hunting 🙂 also we’re getting the tops!!!!! So excited!!!!! ❤ lots of love, Ren

    • 14 times?! How much spare time do you have?
      Gale is the best, obviously. I am on Team Gale forever! Peeta is an idiot :/
      YAY! I can’t wait to get those tops!
      What’s with the different name, Haffy? XD

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