A Preview of Tacita…

Here’s a quick preview of my story, which I have edited down!

The night before my brother’s fight, he left the room with a look on his face that showed us he knew he was going to die the next day.
I followed him outside into the cool, still night. Quietly, I asked him what was wrong. He turned around suddenly, looking worried. He tried to smile, but I could feel his pain through it.
“Tacita…” he started. “I’m just…” He looked away from me. “Imagine if you knew you were not going to be here for much longer. You have to look at everything like it is the last time you will see it, you have to say goodbye to all those you love… How would you feel?” My hand went to my mouth.
“No, Marcus, you are not going to, you won’t… Promise me you will try out there in the arena, promise me you will push yourself to the very limit, and if you fail, promise me you will think of all of us.” I walked over to him and leaned my head on his shoulder.
“I promise.”

I have already had some feedback:
“that is what you call a STORY Jasmine!

That up there (before the quote from my friend) was 179 words of the 1498. I hope you are compelled and want to read on!

Your Roman and gladiatorial blogger, Tacita… I mean Jaz.


2 comments on “A Preview of Tacita…

  1. Oh Jaz (oops, I mean Tacita), fancy you being a famous Roman historian AND a professional writer. We’re so proud of you. Can I be your agent ? I only charge 15% agency fees.

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