The Golden Sponge Stick

If you’re thinking, ‘What on EARTH does the title mean?’ I will tell you right now.

Today we had a Latin test, which was horribly EASY! Apparently I am a linguist and can understand stuff better, but anyone, if they paid attention in class, could understand the Latin grammar and words. I am SHOCKED at how many people got confused. WAIT! That is nothing to do with the Golden Sponge Stick.

After we had finished the test, the teacher gave us a leaflet for a writing competition. I was thinking ‘YES!!’ when she gave it to me. The competition was called the ‘Golden Sponge Stick Award’, after the sponges on sticks the Romans used to wipe their butts (there is no nice way of putting it). The story has to be set in Roman times and less than 1500 words long.

My idea was a girl (so far remaining nameless… I haven’t thought of a name) has a twin brother who is a famous gladiator. But the night before a huge fight, he gets killed somehow and no one knows, but the girl. She has no idea what to do but has an idea: she has to dress in his gladiator armour and fight in the arena in his place! (Yes, she is not clever enough to tell someone, but that would be a terrible story.) She has NO experience whatsoever but she thinks she should. Will the ‘spectatores’ (spectators) realise she is a puella (girl)? Will she survive the pugnat (fight)?

Should I enter the competition with that story? Is it good?

Your Roman sponge on a stick, Jaz (Eww, I just realised what I called myself, YUCK!)


2 comments on “The Golden Sponge Stick

  1. Great story line. Enter the competition !

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