The Inner Me…?

Today in English, we started a topic on journalism, and since the Olympics are ‘soon’ (in months! Not that soon) the teacher wanted us to write about our experience with something that has a connection with the Olympic values. My life hasn’t been super exciting, so I just sat there, my mind blank. When she was walking around, I asked her what I should do, starting with me saying ‘Oh, I’m so confused!’ and putting my head on the table. She knows I have a blog (this one!) and suggested I write about my blog and my writing. She was asking what I blog about, and I didn’t answer properly. What do I blog about? There isn’t one main focus. I said ‘Um… All different stuff… I write about books and writing a lot…’ and she went ‘YAY!’ Well, she didn’t, but since she’s an English teacher, I guess she wants people to be interested in writing. So she was probing me for all the answers to her questions about me and all I could do was laugh. She wanted to know everything! Stupidly, I mentioned I had a book from when I was younger that I wrote stories in and she went ‘YAY!’ Again, she didn’t, but she was excited. So she talked and talked, but I REALLY needed to go to somewhere (History club; something I told you about in a long-ago post) and tried to go, but she was like ‘Blah blah blah…’ Finally she finished with this:

“I want to see the inner Jasmine!”

If you didn’t get it, that is my full first name.

I was kind of freaked out by that, so I laughed and nodded.

I don’t really know why I’m telling you this, but I thought it would be an interesting… anecdote!

Your inner blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “The Inner Me…?

  1. She’s a bit weird the LB isn’t she? When I told her i made my story up completely she said “Now, Hafren *full name*, this is disapointing. I wanted to see an experiance not a fiction.”. So, three things;
    1. She said we could make them up!!
    2. She made me feel guilty, which is mean.
    3. It’s not disapointing and she saw an experiance so she can’t complain!
    Just had to let you know that 😉 She’s never read the full thing though because I deleted it before I printed it off. Oops!
    Ren<3 HG fan 🙂

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