By Invitation Only?! Umm, and Another Thing.

Hi again. I just thought of something, related to school and English business.

Two people in my class got invited to this English course somewhere, in which you work with an author to improve your writing skills and begin to write a story. Is it just me, or doesn’t that sound really good? My English teacher obviously hasn’t read any of my stories. I haven’t told her I came third in that writing competition, but if I did, she would be so ‘YAY!’ (this is the same English teacher I mentioned, hence the ‘YAY!’) But anyway, I kind of wish I was invited, because it sounds fun.

They went and did it last weekend, and they both said it was awesome, which makes me wish EVEN MORE that I could have gone to it. I even read some of both of their stories, and before then I never recalled their writing being this good. 😦 They definitely learned a lot!!

The only thing one of them said was annoying was the author had an OBSSESSION with dragons. But oh well, I would be fine with it!

Do you think I should have gone? I think I should have.

Another topic… I had an idea for a short story. It would be about a girl who lives by a port and is used to seeing slaves come in on the ships (this is set in the past, obviously!) and thinks nothing of it (but she is sad about it, but not overly sad) UNTIL she sees a slave come off the ship, amongst the others, and they have a little ‘magic moment’ where their eyes meet and it’s like ‘I am destined to be with him!’ and all that. It could be a romantic one, but the girl could be the type who doesn’t want to marry. I haven’t really thought of anything past that, except that maybe (if I wanted to make this a longer story) her house gets some kind of servant (SLAVE!) who knows the guy who she saw. So she needs to make friends with this slave (but someone in the house, perhaps her father, forbids her from talking to him, except to order him around) and somehow get to the one she ‘loves’ so she can see whether they have a connection. I don’t know! Is this a good or a bad idea?

Your slightly annoyed and still writy blogger, Jaz


4 comments on “By Invitation Only?! Umm, and Another Thing.

  1. Good stuff Jaz. You’re certainly creative. The story sounds worth building up and maybe submitting to another competition.

  2. sounds a great idea for a story!

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