The Rise and Fall

I haven’t been updating my blog, and I have been getting less and less views. I’m kinda sad, because with my website, I started getting lower amounts of viewers and that led me to scrap it altogether! For example, today I have a grand total of 0 views, and yesterday was a slight improvement with 1. How can I make you guys visit it more often?

I think it’s because I don’t update it as frequently. I’m not going to lie and say ‘Oh, I’m too busy’ because it is a downright LIE. I am not busy. I haven’t been getting as much homework recently, actually.

It is my fault for that reason.

But then again, I need YOU! Jaz Says needs YOU! Sorry, I just had to put that overused quote into this post. I would love if you A) Used the rating system to rate posts, B) Commented regularly (I want to get a conversation in at least one post, so I know the topics I write about give you a lot of comments and opinions), C) Visited more often and D) Shared with your friends this blog! And if you don’t do D), I will know. Mwa ha ha! I have a way to see how many shares I have had, and in what form (Facebook, email, etc.) so don’t think the Eye of Jaz is not watching your every move! I see everything!

Random Jaz Fact: ‘I see everything’ is something my Science teacher says a lot.
I am writing, but I am not burning inside to write more, and get the words to appear on the screen as fast as possible. But I don’t have a non-bloggy feeling. I feel… HOLLOW! It’s like when you eat food to get the energy and nutrients, not because it tastes good. The food is fuel, not for pleasure.

So anyway, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read my blog more.
How about we make a covenant? (I learnt about these in RS, cos we’re learning about Judiasm and God makes a covenant with Abraham ((DOUBLE BRACKETS! I think God makes a covenant with Abraham… Well, it’s some kind of religious figure)) saying that the Israelites ((The Jews. MORE DOUBLE BRACKETS!)) will be enslaved for 400 years and God will free them. We had to write an essay about something loosely related to this- Passover, or Pesach for you technical people, and I got full marks, 1A, 100% or whatever you call it! Oh yes 8D) <– That was the longest bracket phrase thing ever.

Anyway, let’s make a covenant. I’ll post more and you read it and share it more. Deal?

Thank you for reading. My arms hurt from writing this.

Your covenant partner, Jaz


12 comments on “The Rise and Fall

  1. If you ever delete this blog I’m going to punch something hard.. not you.. maybe a wall ;D

  2. Awesome post! I will keep an on eye on your blog.

  3. Here here to all of the above. And by the way, I use the “I see everything” comment too. Very useful when trying to keep small boys in check. They genuinely think I have a couple of extra eyes tucked away somewhere.
    Keep up the good work Jasmine, it’s very entertaining.

  4. Hi Jaz, keep going! Is great to keep writing. Just started a blog recently too and learning the tricks of it all. (I know your Ma by the way from NCT, say Hi!) Susie

  5. Keep writing! You mustn’t give up. It’s brilliant you must keep going. Ok?

      • Hi Jaz !

        You mustn’t give up writing your blog. Some of the world’s greatest creative people struggled for years to get recognition, whether they were artists, writers or even speakers. Just keep at it and we’ll be sure to have a look. What you do is exceptionally mature and if you keep it up, who knows where it will lead you.

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