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Hello Again… This is Another Post.

Hi. Sorry for not updating in a long time, but NOTHING interesting has happened in my life since the last post (except now I hear a thumping sound outside… spooky!) and I haven’t been in a blogging mood. But I might as well post now!

Grr, that thumping noise is really annoying.

I was in PE, slaving away, and I ‘accidentally’ looked over the teacher’s shoulder to see her notes, because she wasn’t actually a PE teacher and she probably just had some instructions for what she should do. To my surprise, I saw that there was a list of people who were considered ‘better’ at PE than everyone else! It made me quite annoyed. I think they have a list in their office with the names of the sporty people. But I realise now that they are the people who do a lot of sports clubs in school. So… just because you don’t do sports clubs doesn’t mean you’re bad at sport! Some people in my class are great at sport but they do no clubs. It’s kind of unfair. I don’t mean this to be a rant or anything, but it kind of annoyed me. A lot.

On a happier note, I got full marks in my French test!

And now, another topic.

I overheard my mum talking about wearing a skirt and she said this: ‘It’s more feminine than wearing jeans!’ but is that true…? Now, a LOT of women wear trousers or jeans or shorts. I suppose when girls first started wearing trousers, people were like ‘Wow, you’re wearing boy’s clothes’ and even before then women never wore trousers at all, they just wore long dresses and gowns etc. But I think now, more women wear trousers! Maybe skirts are feminine, but trousers can be… I suppose. I think fat people wear trousers to hide their fat legs, and more people now are fat, so… You see?

I almost forgot about the topic I was meant to be writing about.

Recently, I haven’t been reading historical fiction, OH NO! I got a lot of books for my birthday and the ones I’ve been reading recently are sci-fi (if you could call it that) or about a dystopian future! I read a book about the Hunger Games where different authors write about it and all different parts of the story (like Gale or Peeta? Gale all the way, btw) and it makes you think about it. I want to read the Hunger Games again! The other book I was reading is called ‘Divergent’ and I will probably write about it in a ‘Books I’ve Been Reading’ post. But it is such an awesome book!

Before I read these two, I read a kind of fantasy book (I don’t usually read fantasy but this one was really interesting) called ‘Poison’. It was an interesting twist on fantasy and has all kinds of strange characters and a quest, which isn’t as cheesy as it sounds. The main character is called Poison, and if you read the book, you will find out why.

In ‘The Girl Who was on Fire’ (the book about the Hunger Games I was talking about), one of the authors gave a really interesting and helpful tip: If you are writing a book, the main problem of the story should be introduced within around 30 pages. I will definitely stick by that!

I hope you enjoyed this little ‘catch-up’.

Your random blogger, Jaz


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