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Remember Stuff!

Sorry, I am posting again! I just thought of something.

Yesterday was 11.11.11, as you know, and it was Remembrance Day. And as you also know, this aims to remember the dead from WW1 and other wars. We had an assembly about it, and it wasn’t exactly moving or anything. But then again, the school doesn’t want people crying in lessons or having nightmares after hearing about the horrors in some wars.  Anyway, so the whole school was going to do a two minute silence, like most people do. Actually, I haven’t done a silence in a LONG time, because when the time comes I forget about it and carry on with whatever I am doing. But this year I wore a poppy and did the two minute silence and everything! Btw, you could pay any amount of money for a poppy but STUPIDLY I forgot and found £1 in my phone sock so I paid £1 for a piece of plastic and paper. But I guess it is for a good cause! My sister only paid 10p for hers.

Fortunately, 11am fell during our maths lesson, and our teacher was nice enough to let us stop working for two minutes and think about the dead, NOT sit in silence and do maths work! The clock in the classroom was two minutes slow, so my watch said 11am but the clock said 10:58. So I think we did the silence two minutes late. So when the time came, everyone bowed their heads (out of instinct? I don’t know) and shut up. The school isn’t religious, but people kinda looked like they were praying (there are different religions at the school so maybe they were praying for the families of the dead…?). I was just checking my maths homework, which now seems kinda disrespectful. Well, a small thought for the dead people did cross my mind, but it crossed it very quickly and it soon went away. So after the silence, we carried on as normal. But I had a great plan!! I wrote in my planner ‘11.11.11 at 11:’ and waited until it was 11:11 and 11 secs. And when it was that time, I wrote the rest of the sentence, so now it read: ‘11.11.11 at 11:11:11’. I was so proud of myself! The person sitting next to me also did this, but in huge letters in her maths book (oops to her).

So… What did you do on 11.11.11? Was it a fun day? Did you wear a poppy? Did you be silent for two minutes and think about the dead? Tell me 🙂

Random Jaz fact: one of my birthdays was on one of those ‘palindromic’ dates. Guess which one (it will be SOOOO hard right? That narrows it down to a few dates)!

Your remembering blogger, Jaz


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