Prize-Winning Writer

Hello! Just saying that I was about to post today with a little ‘rant’ about how those people didn’t get back to me about that writing competition, but now I know that I came third!! THIRD! Out of loads of people, I came third. Woo! And anyway, I was practically a child when I wrote my entry so if the winners are 14/15 years old then I basically won, cos I am so good for my age. OH YEAH!

My mum read my latest ‘work’, the one I keep mentioning, and she said she was moved by it. Strange, cos it’s not particularly sad or anything! OK, maybe she said she was moved by the fact I’m so talented, but I don’t know. She wants to somehow put my work out there for people to read, and I’m like ‘OK…’ so she might put it on a website or something.

Well, I think there is a book coming out containing all the winning/shortlisted entries so obviously I would be in it. If it does come out, you should look at it or buy it! Hopefully I will get a free copy, because I want to compare my story to the winners’.

Thank you for reading, and I am so HAPPY!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Your winning and writy blogger, Jaz


4 comments on “Prize-Winning Writer

  1. Well done Jasmine. The piece is excellent!

  2. A very hardy congratulations!

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