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Books I’ve Been Reading: The Nostradamus Prophecy

I’ve just finished reading The Nostradamus Prophecy this morning (I didn’t stay up all night reading, but I would!) and I just have to blog about it. It is literally, like Witch Child, one of the best books ever written.

The story is about a girl called Melisande (there’s an accent on the first e but I don’t know how to add them) who is the daughter of a talented minstrel and lives in the French court, with people like King Charles of France and the Queen Regent, Catherine de’ Medici (who I am very interested in and would like to know more about).  The prophet Nostradamus has predicted a huge massacre in Paris and King Charles doesn’t care or believe it’s true. But Catherine de’ Medici thinks there is some truth in his prediction. Then a mysterious boy and his leopard arrive, there is a murder, and Melisande is forced to leave the court and live with Nostradamus. There she meets a doctor who she soon makes friends with. But one day, Nostradamus gives Melisande some papers she cannot tell anyone about, even though they are very important. She has many adventures around France and the kingdom of Navarre, and there is a huge twist at the end. The details of the story will remain unmentioned. All you have to do is read the book!

OK, first, if you don’t like historical fiction, you will probably love this. There is a lot of action, gore and murder with a bit of romance for those who like it that way. If you do like historical fiction, you will REALLY love this. The twist at the end is absolutely crazy and I never even had a thought in my mind the twist would happen. It just comes up and you go ‘WHAT?!’. This book also makes you think about things, and it may move or touch you if you are one of those kinds of people. Nostradamus’ prophecies were really clever and once you have read the book and look back at the prophecies, you will understand them. And the cool thing is, some of the events in the book actually happened. I really want to know more about the Medicis. It is a great topic for a book, and I haven’t seen many about this time and place so it’s really original. There is plenty of religious war, which is super interesting, because I just like that kind of thing. Right, so if you have one thing left to do in your life, it must be to READ THIS BOOK!!! I give it, 1,000,000/10!!

Your seeing and French-ish blogger, Jaz


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