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On Yahoo news they said that by 2030 there’ll be too many people on earth and we’ll need to live on a new planet! Isn’t that a freaky thought? But, there are some problems with this.

For example, all the planets humans have been close to/visited/sent a probe or satellite or something to aren’t really good for human life. I did read something about a year ago that said we could live on Mars if we do something called ‘terraforming’, which, I think, means that you make a massive glass dome over a part of the planet and inside it, make the conditions like earth. But that would be so expensive and take AGES. People must have to find a place to stay while they make the dome, and they’d have to start years before. So I don’t think people will do this for a while.

But then, if we can’t live on Mars, what planet would we live on? Maybe the moon, but I think it has no wind or rain so we would probably die of thirst, unless people take water to the people living on the moon. There’s actually a bit about this in Extras, part of the Uglies series (HIGHLY recommended!).

Hey, maybe we’d have to MAKE a planet out of all our waste and rubbish?! We have so much of that, so surely it’s enough to make a planet. Then again, it’s a gross thought, living on old dead trees and rotten fish and unmentionable things!

Personally I don’t believe that we’ll need a new planet by 2030, maybe at least 50 years after we will, but I don’t know. If we do need a planet for the extra people and we don’t go to one, desperate measures will have to be taken! I was thinking of this idea earlier: Possibly, like what they did in Cambodia years ago (I am wise about this sad event, and it’s only cos my school does a lot of global stuff and does exchanges to places and sends trips to countries like Nepal and stuff), we’ll kill all the people over a certain age (like old people over 70 or people that are going to die soon anyway) to keep the population down. There’s an idea like this in Maximum Ride (not adding a link, cos I’m not sure which book of the series this topic is talked about in), where the evil group want to kill people (or at least change them) that have an unimportant job, like an artist. Only jobs that really matter (like a builder, to build houses for everyone) will be spared. Maybe this will happen in the future?! Who knows?

Please comment if you would like.

Your thinky (as always) and completely-on-earth blogger (a fail of a ‘joke’), Jaz


2 comments on “Quick Post…

  1. Really great post. But about these people, I have seen places out west where it may be 200 miles between towns. 100 story apartments for 200 miles would hold a lot of people. I think these people live in heavy populated areas and think everywhere is like that.

    • I see your thinking there. That’s very clever! But the question is, would we want 100 storey apartments everywhere? Maybe we should keep the space, it could be used for something more important than luxury housing.

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