Quick Post 2

Hi again. I’m just saying I’ve finished the story I said I was going to start! It’s a short story, or the beginning of something longer. It depends. I may post it here, if I want to, but not now! If you do get to read it, I hope you enjoy it. Sorry if this post was kinda boring. Oh, I know!! I’ll just copy and paste the first little bit of it. Now you can get a sneaky preview of my story, which is called (until I make up a better name, unless you think this is good enough already) ‘Innocent Witch’. Enjoy!

I am running.
And God may try to stop me, He may send demons to cross my path, but I will not stop running. Not until I reach the New World.
There I will make a new life for myself, change my name, do anything I must to evade him. He must not find me, because if he does, he will float me.
But if I am innocent, why do I fear him? Why am I trying to get away? I should stop.
I must not stop.
I should give up.
I must not give up. I cannot give up.
I will let the pounding of my heart and the thud of my feet on the ground provide a rhythm for my thoughts.

Oh perfect!! WordPress messed up the indents to the story, but you get where the indents would be right? Grr, I can’t indent it here!!

Anyway, I think I am going to relax by watching Mythbusters (you MUST watch it, it’s amazing). Bye!

EDIT: (Hopefully no one has looked at it yet) I was trying to make this like the Merrybegot (which, in America, is called the Minister’s Daughter) or Witch Child, by the way the main character speaks (I haven’t thought of a name for her yet, maybe she should be called Nell… or Mary! You’ll get it if you read those books). So I hope I’ve achieved a 17th century feel in this story. And I hope you can ‘connect’ or whatever and you can feel the main character’s loneliness or sadness. Please comment!

Your witchy and writy blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “Quick Post 2

  1. 🙂 I got the 17th century vibe 😉

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