Food for Thought, Apparently

I’ve been getting more famous today!! Some people came round (I have no idea why to be honest!) and one of them was reading my blog and telling me all sorts of stuff, which I will now tell you about.

First thing is, he was reading my post about the ‘Mysterious Future’ and saying that his generation didn’t worry about global warming, because that wasn’t really the main issue. People were more worried about nuclear bombs and things. According to him, the Russians had their nuclear stuff pointed at them and the Americans had their missiles and stuff pointing at Russia. And all it took was some politicians to fall out and they’d press the button, and they’d ALL be destroyed! They grew up with that ‘over their heads’, which is much scarier than my generation and the global warning. If you’re an adult and remember this, please tell me about what you think of this!

Another thing, not really relating to my blog, was he was saying that Bristol Rovers and Bristol City should join up to make one Bristol football team. I don’t care about football, or Bristol’s football stuff, but you know. But apparently, the Rovers and Bristol City fans hate each other, but really, it doesn’t matter. If they want a Bristol team in any major competition, they should do something about it and overcome their differences.

Also, he said that apparently (again) the oil companies are trying to stop the electric car people making electric cars because it will ruin their business. But the oil business will be ruined anyway if they keep mining it at this rate. Electric cars all the way!

On a more Horrible Histories note, he said that a lot of their inspiration comes from Monty Python. I’ve never seen it, but I’ve heard of it. According to him, they dress up in historical outfits and do sketches sometimes. I guess, if I am allowed, I could check Monty Python out to see if it’s as AMAZING as HH.

My fingers just don’t type fast enough! I have so much in my head at the moment and I really want to write it, but my fingers are just too slow. I haven’t really had writer’s block before, and it sounds pretty bad (I wouldn’t be able to update the blog, DISASTER!!). Oh wow, I just thought of MORE to write!! Some writers probably sit at their computers for ages with writer’s block, and when they don’t, sit at their computers for ages, WRITING nonstop! Wow, there’s just too much in my head, it’s all trying to get out! I have exclamation mark overuse people!! Argh!!!

He was also recommending me some books. I LOVE historical fiction, and I also quite like sci-fi. He was telling me about some sci-fi books I should read, obviously thinking of my ‘Mysterious Future’ (see above) post and thinking I like writing/reading about a ruined future, which I DO! There’s a writer called JJ Bel…something who wrote a book called ‘The Drowned World’ (can’t be bothered to add a link, it would upset my flow of writing) which sounds quite good. If I do like it, it could open my eyes to a whole new genre of books which I may LOVE TO BITS!!

Oh no, I keep forgetting the stuff I’m gonna write about. Nooooo!!!! Oh well.

I’ve also been really wanting to write a short story, inspired by the Merrybegot. I’m thinking it could be about a girl, accused of being a witch, running away from her accusers to the New World where she can make a new life. I’ve thought of the first couple of sentences:

I am running. And God may try to stop me, He may send demons to cross my path, but I will not stop running. Not until I reach the New World.

Sound good so far? I could go on to write more, but I want it to be secret. I’m the type of person who doesn’t really like people reading/looking at stuff before it’s finished. I, when I write it for real, will indent it and stuff. I’d, for effect, indent it after every sentence for those first sentences. I have quite a few ideas for what I can write next, and I may go and write it now.

Oh, actually, I really should be doing my homework (grr, annoying, I have homework during half term).

I have the whole week. I’ll do it later.

Hope you enjoyed this miscellaneous post (have I spelled it correctly?).

Your random and thinky blogger, Jaz


6 comments on “Food for Thought, Apparently

  1. Hi Jaz, the author of ‘The Drowned World’ is JG Ballard. His most famous book is his first, which isn’t science fiction, it’s actually autobiographical-‘Empire of the Sun’ and well worth a read. He grew up in Singapore during WW11 when Japan invaded and tells of his experiences. He went on to SF later. Dont forget Ray Bradbury-he’s the best.

    Anyhoo, I’m honoured you’ve mentioned our discourse in your fabulous blog. Every generation has it’s armageddon scenario, and they’re all valid. Creativity, positivity and a combined Bristol FC are the antidote!

    Lovin’ the blog.


  2. Indeed, when I was young I was worried about nuclear war and being abducted by aliens. Now I worry more about paying bills, as well as global warming. Wonder what people will worry about in 20 years. Hopefully nothing too terrible.

  3. “If you’re an adult and remember this, please tell me about what you think of this!” This is somewhat true. Russia and the Warsaw Pact had their nuclear missiles aimed at the US and the NATO Alliance who had their missiles aimed at them. Some people were much more freaked about the US and Russia than others. I never did let it eat my lunch. I am not sure what country you live in (WordPress has people all over the place) but I know there seemed to be a lot of Europeans that were scared out of their gourd. They were protesting and saying, “better red then dead” meaning better to become communist and live then to stay free and die. The bad thing is the Russians actually believed they could have had a nuclear holocaust, live through it and win. As far as global warming and comparing it, the nuclear war was just something that could have happened when global warming is something that will happen if we continue on. It is strange because I just posted a poem something about global warming last night on my blog.

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