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Hi people, sorry for not updating this in a while, but I feel the need to because I am so EXCITED!!

The first (an kinda unimportant) reason is that I scored a goal in netball! I’m absolutely useless at PE and I never try and I’m not very good at all. But, against my will, I was forced to play the position of goal shooter and had a hard time marking the person I was supposed to. And anyway, the ball hardly came up that end! Before my amazing shot, I got hit in the head with the ball, but I was fine. Then I got the ball and I was almost below the net, so I stepped back with my not-landing foot (not breaking the rules!) and threw it up in the air, expecting it to just go way over like it did previously. But no, it cleanly went right into the net, kerplop! I was so proud. It was an awesome moment.

The second reason is that I was shortlisted for a huge writing competition! I entered a short story I’d written ages ago, which was really short, and I thought it was just average, but everyone was like, ‘Wow it’s great’. I got an email literally hours ago and it said I could come to the grand ‘finale’ where they announce the winners, but it’s on Sunday and it’s VERY far away. I wish I could go!! But hopefully they’ll email me if I win/finish well and I might get an AMAZING prize! I’m not sure what it is, or even if there is a prize, but OH WELL! I was SHORTLISTED! If there’s no prize, I don’t mind!

If you want, wish me good luck in the writing competition!

Your happy and netbally blogger, Jaz


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