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My Photos for Art, Which you May Like to Look at.

I'm gonna tell the art teacher the blurring is on purpose, but between you (the reader of this blog) and me, it's a mistake I couldn't be bothered to fix.

In school we’re doing a project on this boring man called Karl Blossfeldt (can’t be bothered to add a link, sorry!) who photographs plants really close up so you sometimes can’t be sure what exactly they are. For one of our homework ‘assignments’, we have to take three pictures that are in his style. I didn’t enjoy it that much!! So I thought you might want to see my attempts!

This is my favourite one, cos I like the way the far one is in focus but the near ones aren't. It's quite a good effect.

Your photo-licious blogger, Jaz

This is such a weird photo. I don't like it at all!


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