Latin is a Dead Language!

Latin is very much a dead language. We have to learn it in school as well!! I think there is no point in learning it.

If no one speaks it, why do we have to learn how to speak it? Like in French class, we learn how to say phrases and words, but in Latin, we learn pointless little phrases about a man called Caecilius and his apparently very stupid family. For example, he is in the ‘basilica’ (law court) and the ‘iudex’ (judge) is asking him questions, like this one: “Are you a citien of Pompeii?” and Caecilius replies: “I am a citizen of Pompeii.” What happened to ‘Yes’? So Latin is pointless. I don’t need to know how to ask someone what has happened. I don’t need to know the word for ‘walked’ (ambulavit) or ‘dead’ (mortuus)! I have English words for all of that!

Yes, I know, learning Latin will make languages much easier to learn, but I already do French and Russian and it hardly helps (especially with Russian)! I also know it can help if you don’t know what an English word means, but I can just look in a dictionary, not think of a Latin word that is similar and try to guess. Seriously, Latin is just BORING.

It would be better if it was taught in a better way, because we have a boring teacher who just goes ON and ON. I’d prefer if it was optional to learn. Apparently, I’m a natural linguist, and Latin is SO easy for me. All the rest of the people in my class don’t get any of it and so the teacher has to explain it, while I just sit there, bored to death. It would be better if we could just go to a page of things that would actually challenge me, or whoever, and get on with it. We should just do something relative to our own abilities. Not sit around, listening to an explanation we’ve heard a thousand times. And anyway, if no one speaks it, why learn it? That’s my view on it.

What do you think about learning Latin? Did you/are you learning/learn Latin? If you did, has it helped you? Do you think we should learn it now? Do you like Latin?

One random thing, it was home clothes day/mufti/whatever you call it, and everyone loved my outfit, and kept asking where I got it from. I’m so popular!

Vale!! (That means ‘Bye’)

Your Roman and Latin-hating blogger, Jaz


4 comments on “Latin is a Dead Language!

  1. I hate latin so much. It is so dead. And we don’t know how to say ‘hello, I’m Ren. I’m 12 years old and I live in Rome’ like we learnt on our FIRST FRENCH LESSON because they never even said that!! Latin or Classics? Hmmmm…
    Your equally annoyed HungerGames friend 🙂
    P.S. I don't get some of the latin stuff because I'm rubbish at languages and I practically fall asleep in latin lessons 🙂 hmmm.. :/ teach me too? X

    • Actually, I’ve found Latin useful, dare I say it. Like if you find a word you don’t understand you could find a Latin word and guess what it means. Maybe I will teach you…

  2. What a great read! I must say that I dont come across these kind of articles anymore.

  3. I would like to disagree with your comments. When you look back you will find studying Latin very useful!! I never studied it and would have found doing my medical degree much easier, for example. Hey, you can teach me!!


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