Miscellany (or however you spell it)!

Just a few random quick things:

  • Please subscribe to this blog. I don’t want to sound preachy/beggy/desperate but I want more people to read this blog 🙂 I only have 3 followers, and for some reason, one of them is me. So basically I only have 2 followers!!
  • And if you like this blog, tell people about it. Click the share button and share it on Facebook or Twitter or whatever. Spread the word, cos I know lots of people love my blog and eagerly await my posts.
  • If you live around the area, you MUST visit the American Museum in Britain. It is absolutely awesome. There’s loads of actual things from America, from the past! They have a Native American section (which, crazily, has a photo of the cover of Apache on a display! Oh, the cover of Apache is of a real Apache woman) and some period rooms, going from the 1600s til about the 1800s. To my sister’s joy, there is also a textiles room, with many beautiful quilts, some dating back from like the 1800s (I’m thinking of Witch Child a lot when I write this!!). I went when I was reading Sorceress, and the memory of it was fresh in my mind. All the stuff really made my experience of reading it much better, because I could really imagine Mary’s chapters and see exactly what they would have worn/looked like/lived in. It was truly great. And they have beautiful gardens and a cafe which sells cookies and soup and stuff. I recommend it, whether you are reading Witch Child or are interested in history or not!

That’s all the miscellany. If I have spelled it wrong, please tell me.

Your miscellaneous blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “Miscellany (or however you spell it)!

  1. I’ve been there 🙂

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