Is it HH Heaven?

Hi. My mum told me to blog about this, and I wasn’t really thinking that I would, but I am!

Shock horror! At my school, there is a HORRIBLE HISTORIES club! I mean, how awesome is that?! It’s at lunchtimes on Tuesday and it is so much fun! There was me and a few other people doing it, and some random year 11s were also there, as well as some sixth formers. And of course, there were history teachers running it. And my history teacher was there, and she was like ‘How did I know you were going to join? Horrible Histories is like your thing!’ No jokes. Yes, my love for Horrible Histories is widely known.

And anyway, so what we did was first watch Divorced, Beheaded and Died and then talk about it, and the sixth formers asked us questions like ‘Is this reliable?’ and we, of course, answered. Then we were asked if it’s better to portray history on TV and in movies in a boring or entertaining way, and if we watch HH for the humour and AWESOMENESS or for the educational part. I said ‘Definitely for the humour.’ of course, but you do learn loads actually! Then we matched up the names of Henry VIII’s six wives with a picture of them then just watched loads of songs, like the English Civil War song, the Viking song and of course Charles II: King of Bling!

One of the year 11s kept saying she loved Mat Baynton (the main guy/Charles II/loads of other characters) and he was her husband (weird right?). But he is an awesome guy though, he’s FUNNY and GREAT at acting. Ha ha ha, random. (You’ll get it if you’ve seen the best sketch in the world) Anyway, so yeah. IT WAS AMAZING!! You have to go (I mean, you’re not in my school, maybe, but if you were, you must go!).

Horrible Histories rocks!

Your excited and historical blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “Is it HH Heaven?

  1. I’m gonna go this term!

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