Books I’ve Been Reading: Witch Child and Sorceress

Yes, I know I said I was going to write about The Goldsmith’s Daughter, but I’ve just finished these and I just HAVE to write about them.

Witch Child

This is the story of Mary Newbury, granddaughter of a ‘witch’. After almost watching her grandmother hang, she is taken away by a strange person who immediately arranges for her to be taken to the ‘New World’, otherwise known as America. She, of course, goes, and writes her diary as she is sailing and the first year (about that much) after she and her group have arrived in their new town, called Beulah. Then some strange things begin to happen and the finger is pointed to, guess who? And what happens after that is for you to find out.

This book is probably one of the best books written, seriously. It is so awesome and realistic, and the notes from a person called Alison Ellman (who you will find out about later) make it seem more real, and I thought all the events in the book actually happened. It’s written in the point of view of Mary, and of course it is, cos we are reading her journal or diary. We get to hear about everyone in the village and learn about what probably happened to the first, umm, settlers in America. We also get to read about some Native American people as well, who appear in the next book. This book is absolutely amazing, and you will love it, no matter what age you are or what type of book you read. No wonder it is required reading in schools around England!


This is the sequel to Witch Child, and just as amazing. At the end of the first book, we read about Mary running away, and from there the rest of her journal is lost. Sorceress follows the stories of Alison, who is trying to find out more about the people connected with Mary, and Mary herself, and Agnes, a descendent of Mary and a Native American girl, who has the ability to kind of ‘go into’ Mary’s mind and see what she was doing. These two women meet and help each other to find out what happened to Mary after her disappearance. We, of course, also read about what happened to her.

This is just as amazing, if not better than Witch Child. Mary changes a lot in this one, and peoples’ opinions change. When she lived in Beulah, her ‘powers’ were of course looked down upon, but with her new company they think of her highly because she is a skilled healer. Anyway, I love the way some chapters are in the third person (the ones with Agnes, whose real name is Karonhisake, and Alison) and Mary’s chapters are in her point of view. It’s a much better balance, because if some of the chapters were in Agnes’ point of view, we wouldn’t get to see what Alison is doing, and vice versa. I love the names of all the characters and the kind of ‘references’ to real historical events (well I guess they happened). I can’t really put into words how AWESOME these books are, and you will just have to read them to see how amazing they are. I have a lot of respect for the author, Celia Rees, for creating such an epic piece of fiction. I give these… 1,000,000/10!!

Your amazed blogger, Jaz


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  1. Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

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