The Future is Made of Glass

Before you read this post, take five minutes to watch this video, by clicking here. You will not understand my post without watching it!! By the way, I got this video from a club I do at my school, and when I saw it, I immediately thought I could blog about it.

What a freaky future!! I mean, everything is made of glass! The technology is, of course, epicly amazing, and I would like to try out this world, but I do think it could be… problematic.

What I mean is, everyone, everywhere, knows you. They know who you are. I’d find that a bit freaky. Especially when the pane of glass inside the shop went ‘Welcome back, Jennifer.’. How does it know you?! It’s like more machines know you than people. Scary! So everything in the world is basically overseen by glass!

I’m pretty anti-superawesometechnology myself, as in I hate Apple products, and I hate 3D stuff, especially the 3DS. I prefer good ‘old’ PCs, in two lovely dimensions. And all this technology in the video would kill me! I don’t like the video calling thing, where you put your phone onto the counter and BAM! You can talk to them on the counter. What if you spilled something onto the counter? Would the other person see a huge splat in the middle of the screen? And the cooker thing is good, probably safer, but I do like to see the fire when stuff is cooking (oh, I’m such a pyromaniac). It’s a future of people connecting, man!

And why is it, that in videos, people wake up at exactly 7:00am?

It’s cool how all the glass stuff connects, but I’d hate it in the bathroom. What if you get an incoming call while you’re on the toilet? And wow, the bathroom glass must have to be so waterproof or it would be broken in seconds. To be honest, I prefer my bathroom time private, with no one coming in. I wouldn’t want people calling me, talking about work/school. My friends would keep messaging me and I’d just kill them. I like talking face-to-face, where you are actually standing next to the person in real life (not ‘FaceTime’ or any of that).

Another thing, how does the glass not break?

Another another thing, WOW, the world would be quite unhygenic. Like on the bus shelter, the lady was finding a route, clicking and dragging stuff on a surface many people will have touched. While you’re texting in the bathroom, you’ll probably forget to wash your hands and YUCK!! Germ heaven! I hate germs, and I hate it when people don’t wash their hands after they’ve been to the toilet.

And the glass must have to be very clean. My phone is a touchscreen, but I use a stylus. And the iPhone doesn’t work with a stylus (fix that, Apple!), and you can literally see the grease all over the screen, cos you have to use your fingers. How would people clean the glass that is in public? Do they have patrols of cleaners? Hmm. Or do they just leave it to grease up?

How would the company change everything in the world to glass? What about the people what don’t want it? Could they opt out and keep their old ways, like actually feeling the weight of a book in their hand?! Would they give everyone a free glass phone and renovate their house? Or would you have to buy it? Cos with all this money trouble, no one could afford to change their lives into a carefully designed world of glass! And if it was free, and everyone had to have it, what would they do with everything else? Would they just bin it? How wasteful! That would cause so many problems.

In that video, I didn’t see one computer. Would you have to get rid of your computer for a glass screen? Cos I’d WAY prefer a computer.

This must be possible today, cos how did they do all this? How did they make the video? I understand if the graphics on the screens are computer-generated, but they couldn’t have just randomly cut some pieces of glass and made actors pretend to do it, cos this must have some evidence it could work. Has the company already made all this stuff?

And, one more point, what if the glass machines take over? I know it’s a popular sci-fi storyline, but it could happen. If the glass knows you, and you say something secret, surely there’s no stopping it broadcasting it on their massive screens? If everything’s connected, no one could have secrets, could they?

My final verdict: This may happen in the future, but many people probably wouldn’t like it. It’s cool and all that, but I wouldn’t like to give up my PC and normal TV and BOOKS for the glass future! I think this would be good for worldwide companies, so they could connect and share ideas all round the world. Is a glass future not all that far off?

Your thinking and anti-glass blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “The Future is Made of Glass

  1. The Corning video is one of my husband’s favorite dreams about the future. He craves that life! So glad you found it and disagree. Nice to see your generation NOT embracing the “give up my personal freedom for technology” idea. Keep up the blogging Jaz…. good stuff!

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