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Old, Old Books

I was just looking on Amazon at the book lists and I was surprised to see LOADS of REALLY OLD books at the top of the list!! I understand why Jane Eyre was at the top, cos a movie of it is out right now, but second was like Sherlock Holmes or something, then Pride and Prejudice, then Wuthering Heights, then DRACULA (what the…?) or something! What’s going on? I thought we were all about moving forward with new technology and stuff and people are buying books written in like the 1800s or something (oops, I wrote 1600s by accident, of course I changed it)! I’m NOT a fan of old books, cos I attempted to read Gulliver’s Travels and it was SO BORING, I almost died.

So why do you think all these old books are high up on the lists? Is it cos of the Jane Eyre movie, cos I don’t think so. Why would that make people go ‘Ooh, I see Jane Eyre is out, I’m gonna go and buy Pride and Prejudice now’…?! Maybe all the adults in England look at the ad for Jane Eyre and go ‘Oh, I remember reading that as a kid! Do I still have it? No! I’ll go and buy it… But look at this! My recommendations include Sherlock Holmes! What memories! I must buy it!’ Do you think that? Do you guys even like old books?

Oh wow, there are BILLIONS of older books in the lists, like all the Harry Potters, Lord of the Flies, HAMLET (what?), The Hobbit… What is going on? People are like travelling back in time to relive the ‘good old days’ as you might say.

I’m yet to be convinced by old books. Well, I think if I tried to read one, I’d be like ‘Wow!’ cos I love historical fiction and old books are historical (of course). Unless it’s about love. Ew. Then I’d switch off and just turn the pages, hoping to see a not soppy chapter.

Speaking of… well, it’s got nothing to do with romance books, but me and my friend Eleni are going to see Jane Eyre tomorrow (hopefully). Not my idea though, but she LOVES Pride and Prejudice, it’s like her favourite book EVER, so Jane Eyre is old and all that, so I think they’re around the same time, and I guess they might be similar. Anyway, I saw the ad and I was kinda intrigued (love that word!!), and I wanna know what it’s actually about. I hope it’s good!

And tomorrow, it’s my birthday party, yay!! I’m going to a restaurant called Masa Restaurant with my two other friends, Abby and Lauryn. It’s gonna be awesome, cos I’ve drawn a picture and had it printed on a tshirt (oh no, OOPS, I just accidentally typed a swear word, I DON’T MEAN IT AT ALL THOUGH!!) and it looks amazing! And we’re all gonna wear them, and it’s gonna be super awesomely cool (lol). Well, I hope it will be.

OMG, I watched Horrible Histories at the BBC Proms on TV an hour ago, and IT WAS EPIC. They were doing songs and stuff, like the Viking Song and the Stone Age Song, LIVE in front of an audience! If I saw them up close, I’d die/scream ‘I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!’/faint/explode. If I touched or talked to one of them, I’d die/faint for a while. I LOVE IT THAT MUCH.

Anyway, I think I’ve said everything. So, do you like old books? Got any recommendations? Like Japanese food? Questions…!

Your new party-crazy blogger, Jaz


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