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The Queen of Names

I don’t know why I’m writing this now, but I was just thinking about it.

On Sept 3, I went to a party (yay, I’m sociable). It was for my friend Jo. Anyway, it was bowling, and I thought I’d be great. I was pretty good. But really, we didn’t focus on the actual bowling. I started the name-changing craze! Halfway through the first game, I decided to change my name to something else. I changed it to FARTS, to see if anyone would notice. Then everyone noticed and started changing theirs and each other. It was fun and funny. We did really badly at the bowling but we were having too much fun changing everyone’s names. My favourites were: Mattress, Tomato Juice, Sumo Wrestler and Rotten Cabbage!

Sorry, I’m not in a blogging mood, even though I said I would blog. And I’ve got two other tabs open, and I keep switching tabs. So I’m all weird and thinking about other things. It’s like a line you’re drawing, when suddenly… BOOM! The line gets broken by a huge hammer. My flow of writing is MESSED UP!! Sorry about all that.

Your weird, name-changing blogger, Jaz


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