My Amazing Birthday

Do you remember your 13th birthday? Was it special? Are you 13 yet?

My 13th was awesome (and it wasn’t long ago, it was yesterday, as in the day before I posted this). I got amazing presents and a BBQ to top it all off.

In school, I had three birthday cards on my locker and I got a present from my friend (a notebook and rubber from Greece). At lunch, our school’s ‘tradition’ is to sing Happy Birthday to whoever’s it is at lunch. People sang for me, and it was so embarrassing! I was in the middle of eating haddock and chips, lol. All the Year 7s were looking at me too!! But I was glad, cos towards the end, more people joined in. And loads of people clapped when they’d sung it. Btw, I’m not in Yr7, lol.

My school was holding an end of summer BBQ. It was for fun and to mark the 25th anniversary of the junior school (which I DON’T go to). I went, cos I wanted to. There was LOADS of food. They had SIX BBQs and they were cooking things like burgers and sausages. AND, there was a table with LOADS AND LOADS of doughnuts and cake (and chocolate gateau). Sadly, you had to pay for the drinks. But they did have non-alcoholic beer, which I didn’t try.

Anyway, so I had a hot dog (with two sausages in it) and a chocolate ring doughnut. Then me, my sister and my friend (a different one to the one mentioned earlier) were just walking around, talking to people.

I fell over in front of my RS (religious studies) teacher, and again when my sister pushed me. I have mud on my white jacket now, oops.

I wanted to go home to watch Toy Story 3 (one of my presents) but that meant going early. So I decided to stay until 20:20. But I got carried away and stayed til the end. I’m glad I did.

I said I hated fireworks. I take that back. As part of the celebrations, across the astroturf, they set off AH-MAZING fireworks. They were so loud and BEAUTIFUL. They had those sparkly ones, and massive ones, and everything!! It was the best! Yeah, we smelled sulphur in the air and got bits of stuff in our eyes, but that’s the spirit of it, man! (Yeah, I just sounded like a hippy) It was so great. And everyone loved them. All the students were pressing their faces to the mesh outside the astro to see the fireworks better. I got some super awesome photos on my sister’s phone, which I may post if I can be bothered (and if I have her permission).

I went home very happy, and watched a bit of Toy Story 3 as well.

I’m gonna remember this for a long time. It’s probably my best birthday ever.

Your explosive and teenage blogger, Jaz


3 comments on “My Amazing Birthday

  1. 🙂 still 12 here ;)<3 the fireworks were AWESOME!!! HungerGames friend,

  2. Hi Jaz

    Just read ALL your blogs. Fantastic !! Really articulate and I’m enormously impressed at your spelling, content, imagination desire to communicate (must take after your Mother).

    See you soon.

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