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Books I’ve Been Reading: Apache

Today on ‘Books I’ve Been Reading’ I’m gonna tell you about an amazing book called Apache by Tanya Landman. It is set in the 19th or 18th century (I can’t quite remember) in North America where Apache tribes rule the land (I don’t know about rule, but they certainly were around). It’s about a girl who, after watching her younger brother being killed by a Mexican, vows to avenge her brother’s death and become a warrior, and kill the man who killed him. With no parents to guide her, she has to get the other women to help her, but she doesn’t really enjoy it, and likes being alone. She is not very good at the jobs the women of the tribe are meant to do, like weaving and making pots, but is very good at making weapons. She makes a weapon for her brother, and, when he gets killed, uses it as her own weapon while she’s training to be a warrior. She goes out on trips and battles with other warriors, makes an enemy and does other things until her party come across some new people who are white (Mexicans are kinda mixed-race in the story). They are very confused. The girl, Siki, has visions of bad things to come but still carries on. Then the white people start to wreck their land, and the Apache warriors want to battle them and get rid of them. Will they win? Read the book to find out!

I absolutely loved this book. It was told very well, and the story ‘flowed’, if you get what I mean. There were only about four ‘chapters’, that didn’t have names, and that worked really well, so the story wasn’t broken by short chapters. The words the author used were really good (I know that sounds weird). It’s told in the first person, and that makes the story even better, cos you know Siki’s feelings when it comes to death and even killing people. I loved the reactions of the Apache to the white men, and things like Christianity (with Jesus on the cross and everything) and new weapons (like guns). When you hear about all these things, you think about how, well, behind they were in time, because they lived with simple items, and no weapons and technology of the time. It’s an amazing book, and I definitely recommend it. I give it… 10/10!

Please have a look at the next ‘Books I’ve Been Reading’, when I’ll be reviewing a book called The Goldsmith’s Daughter, also by the same author (when I post it of course). Thanks for reading!

Your reading addicted blogger, Jaz


One comment on “Books I’ve Been Reading: Apache

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