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Who Loves HH?

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Horrible Histories. It’s my favourite TV show EVER. That’s weird, cos I hate most TV shows. I LOVE everything about it. I LOVE the acting. I LOVE the sketches. I LOVE the songs. Yes, many people have said it’s funny but educational, and it is!! I don’t see why this show isn’t loved by everyone in the WORLD! If you don’t like HH, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?? I know that quite a lot of adults love it too. I’d love to be in it (is that going too far?)! I am like the ULTIMATE fan. It’s such an amazing show, and I totally respect the people that make it. And the script writers are like GENIUS! They make up some hilarious stuff, like this sketch (sorry, I dunno why it’s on Amazon): Roman Come Dine With Me. And I LOVE the songs so much!! I know the words to most of them, I’m that much of a fan. My favourite is probably Boast Battle or Aztec Priests. I love the videos, especially the Evil Emperors Song Shoot, it’s hilarious! All I’m saying is, YOU MUST WATCH HORRIBLE HISTORIES. I BEG OF YOU!! And if you don’t like it… Grr. So anyway, go to this website for all things HH: Horrible Histories website.

‘I hid a lion in there… ha ha ha, random.’ -Elagabalus (from the best sketch EVER), random Roman Emperor 🙂

Your historical blogger, Jaz


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